Day 2139: I Can’t/I Can

Yesterday, in a therapy group, somebody talked about waking up thinking “I can’t” and turning that into “I can.”

Because I can, I suggested that people make a list of “I can’t” and “I can.”

I can show you my lists now.



I can’t be perfect, but I can correct mistakes.  On my “I can’t” list, the 9th entry should read “be anybody else but myself” and on my “I can” list, the 13th entry should be “show up.”

I can share all my other photos from yesterday:




I can’t even make sense of all the gun violence in the United States.

I can share these videos (and you can find them here and here on YouTube):

I can go for some comments about this post.

I can also express my gratitude to all who helped me create this “I can’t/I can” post and — of course! — to YOU.




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22 thoughts on “Day 2139: I Can’t/I Can

  1. You can have a great blog 🙂

  2. You can post all the cat photos you want to and I will never grow tired of them.

  3. I can’t concentrate, 1 can of coke please! ( =①ω①=)

  4. I can get through all my emails if I sit at the computer for hours but I can’t NOT move so I can pick and choose those that are most important to me, like yours Ann.

  5. I can be happy that I’m sharing a day off with my dear wife Karen today, Ann, and I can’t wait to take a little shopping trip and then go to the Syracuse football game with her!

  6. One of the nice things about friends is we can support each other but also provide an example to spur each other on. I look at how much you accomplish and I think, Even I can.

  7. I can’t control myself sometimes, let alone anybody else, but I can control myself most of the time. That “I can/can’t” exercise was a good one!

  8. Great way of looking at it. Uncanny!

  9. Positive thought helps

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