Day 2065: Unspeakable

For the first time in my life, I have laryngitis, which means most things are unspeakable for me right now.

After reading the news today, I can’t speak about some unspeakable stories.  However, I can write my thoughts and feelings here.

It’s unspeakable to me how many mass shootings there are in the USA.  When my son got into the University of Edinburgh and a few USA colleges in 2016, I spoke to him about my preference of where he might go to school. I spoke of my belief that he would be safer outside of the USA because of all the unspeakable school shootings and the unspeakble access to guns here.

It’s also unspeakable to me how a person in power can speak unspeakably unkindly about other people, even war heroes.

Even though my thoughts and feelings are unspeakable right now, I can still share photos from my first day back in the USA.




Yes, Michael’s meals are unspeakably good. I can’t speak to why we saw coconuts on the beach yesterday.

Here‘s Jimmy Kimmel speaking about President Trump’s attempt to speak directly to Hindi-speakers.


Please feel free to share speakable and unspeakable thoughts and feelings in the comments section, below.

As always, I need to somehow speak my gratitude to those who helped me create this unspeakable blog post and — of course! — to YOU.


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24 thoughts on “Day 2065: Unspeakable

  1. You’ll always have a voice in your blog here 🙂

  2. I’m sorry that you are now an unspeakable Ann. At least yours will pass 💛 Feel better soon!

  3. Even with laryngitis, your voice comes through loud and clear, Ann.

  4. there are some days when i may be a better way to be, and as mark said, your voice still comes through –

  5. I hope that you feel better soon, Ann, and can sing again. I hope it is not unspeakable for me to say that I hope you will see a doctor.

    Yesterday’s murders in Florida have really shaken me and my heart goes out to everyone who expected to be safe, and were not.

    When Aaron was considering Edinburgh for university, I secretly wondered if he might be safer there where there are fewer guns.

  6. May you country be speakable one day

  7. Sometimes it’s better to not speak until a fresh wind comes by and clears the beach. How many (coco)nuts can you use anyway? Especially when they are dried up and full of hot air. A bit of rest and you will be in fine speaking form. Thanks Ann

  8. Your pictures say so much and with that in mind I hope you’ll enjoy this picture by the artist John Glashan.

  9. Thank you for my morning laugh! I loved the video! LOL! And I’m sorry for the laryngitis, but I’m glad you didn’t lose your voice while you were traveling and enjoying your son and his friends! I am right there with you in observing the “unspeakables” you reference this morning. I’m beyond being upset about the shootings, and Trump never fails to let me down. He gets an A+ in consistency! All the best to you this week as you re-enter, Ann.

  10. Never had laryngitis in my life is it painful or just frustrating?
    Yes the USA seems to have a lot of school shootings, I wouldn’t want to attend school there

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