Day 2064: Kose seg

Yesterday, when I was sitting on an airplane, thinking about promoting emotional well being in cozy settings, I saw this:


When I am experiencing and promoting emotional well being, I often take one photo that somehow applies to all the other photos I want to share in a blog post. I hope you are in a cozy (or cosy) setting as you look at all these other promoting-emotional-well-being pictures.

What helps you experience Kose seg?

My boyfriend Michael often says, “It’s not the place, Ann,  it’s the people.”  Here’s a closer look at a person with whom I’ve been hopefully  promoting emotional well being in cozy settings for over twenty years:

IMG_2818That’s my son Aaron, looking out the window of Edinburgh’s Beehive Inn while he was in the middle of his stand-up routine yesterday. When he noticed I was sitting outside in the cozy setting of Edinburgh’s Grassmarket with my suitcase, he had the entire audience yell, “Hi Mom!”

Now that I’m experiencing Kose seg back in my home south of Boston, it would promote my emotional well being to share two videos promoting Iceland and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (here and here on YouTube).


I shall now await your comments promoting emotional well being in the cozy comments section, below.

Emotional-well-being-promoting thanks to all who helped me create today’s “Kose seg” post and — of course! — to YOU.



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19 thoughts on “Day 2064: Kose seg

  1. Kose seg. Its always good to be home 💕

  2. Hearing that Aaron had everyone yell hi Mom was good for my emotional well being today Ann. Thanks

  3. You don’t get much better Kose seg than that “Hi, Mom”

  4. Hi, Ann, every place you set your feet.

  5. Surely emotional well being is the foundation of appreciating all well beings.

  6. The people certainly help but the right place can make a big difference too.
    Aaron involving the audience reminds me of the time comedian Jasper Carrott ended a show by explaining to the audience that his kids were worried it wouldn’t go well. He was going to call them from the stage and wanted the audience to cheer. He pulled out his phone, called, and said, “I did all right” and the audience cheered. Then he hung up and said “That was Billy Connolly.”
    So Michael is right: it is the people.

  7. The great adventures of Ann continue 🙂 Your photos alone make me realize you have not only promoted emotional well being in cozy settings, but creating it with all those around you. Cheers and wish you continued safe travels.

    • Thank you, Randall, for promoting the well being of so many WordPressers with your great adventures. Continued safe travels to you, always.

  8. I know no one who doesn’t like cosy settings

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