Day 2072: Shameless Appeals for Applause

Here’s my first shameless appeal for applause in today’s  blog post: I have finished writing my fourth original song this year!

The name of the song is “Shameless Appeals for Applause” and I hope you find the chorus appealing:

These are shameless appeals for applause.

They are true and reliably cause

Clapping and oooohs and some awwwwws.

These shameless appeals for applause.

© Ann Koplow 2018

My shameless appeals for applause in that song include having a heart condition, being a single mother, and who I did NOT vote for in the 2016 USA presidential election.

This year, I’ve been making shameless appeals for applause with my original songs on the first Friday of every month at an acoustic Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts (see here for my shameless appeals for applause there in August). However, I still have some laryngitis, so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to appeal for applause this coming Friday.

In the meantime, do you see any shameless appeals for applause in my photos from yesterday?

I shamelessly included one of those photos above because it evokes the name of another song I’m writing: “Triggers.”

Is including this patriotic song — also evoked by a photo above — another shameless appeal for applause?

Now I shall make another shameless appeal, this time for comments on this post.

Thanks to the Hingham Shipyard, to those who serve, to every one else who helped me create today’s shameless appeals for applause here at WordPress and — of course! — to YOU, who deserve applause for visiting my blog.


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24 thoughts on “Day 2072: Shameless Appeals for Applause

  1. i think that everyone should make ‘safa’s’ – it’s good for the soul

  2. Clap. Clap. Clap clap clap clap.

  3. They sang his applause
    They thought he was Santa Claus
    Shamelessly he didn’t even pause
    He kept sharpening his white claws

  4. Appeals for applause are never shameless because they invite the audience into the artist’s experience; then the celebration becomes shared. That is wonderfully open.

    I can’t click on your links today because I am at Toronto airport, low on data. Tomorrow, though!

    I look forward to hearing Ann Original #4!

  5. Ann Koplow is a wonderful blogger’s name;
    Her daily postings and songs have given her fame.
    She shares photos and hope
    And helps people cope,
    And our applause is offered without shame.

    • A wonderful blogger named Chris,
      Offers comments with nary a miss.
      His thoughts and his rhyming,
      His impeccable timing
      Give a shameless experience of bliss.

  6. Applause to you for giving us more beach pictures! And for writing songs. And lots of other things.

  7. Happy to oblige 🤩👍🌟👏😻👌🗣 Bravo❣️

  8. Shamelessly grateful for the way your mind works, your expressions of that mind through your photo essays and of course songs! Thank you. All my best.

  9. I applause because I feel like it just so you know

  10. I applaud your photographs. Michael should be praised for Ann’s Restaurant

  11. Yikes! That “Hey Liberals” bumper sticker is alarming. I think you may be composing something that stands in contrast? If so…applause from me, Ann! 🙂 I so admire the “gumption” it takes to perform and I hope your laryngitis doesn’t hold you back for long! All the best!!

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