Day 1740: Get Out

Get out!  I can’t believe that all my recent photos relate to the phrase “Get Out.”







Those last two photos came out of a therapy group where people with histories of emotionally abusive relationships were brainstorming  how to get out  of old patterns and improve their lives.

What does “Get Out” mean to you?

You can get out to YouTube to hear “Get Out” by Lauryn Hill:

Now I need to get out to work and then get out to a performance of the musical Evita.

Did you think I’d forget to thank all the people who helped me create this post and you — of course! —  for reading it?  Get out!



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19 thoughts on “Day 1740: Get Out

  1. Get out of here and get to work Ann 😘

  2. Get out of acceptance. Think and discover new.

  3. It’s important to get out of any abusive relationship. But not easy. I wish everyone in the group the best.

  4. Once in a used bookstore I picked up a book that had the following inscribed in the front: “Dear Larry–GET OUT OF TOWN! Love, Jim.” By an odd coincidence I knew who Larry was and that he’d passed away. That made me sad but it also made me smile to think of how much Larry must have laughed at that inscription.

  5. Get out, forced out, move out and lost out, they’re all my outs, and today I hope to get out and about, I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately…. so I’m out of here….

  6. Love this out and about post. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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  8. You’re in with me. Beautiful ‘out’ photos, Ann.

  9. One can also get out by retreating to within. Just don’t take up permanent residence.

  10. Also opening up the concept of who you think you are attracted to. A person who is used to an abusive relationship might not at first recognize what if feels like to be truly valued and might not even know how to let someone in who is actually really caring and nice and means well. So maybe opening up the idea of who you are attracted to and open yourself up to someone who really cares. No one has to fight to be loved, we have already been given that grace by simply being.

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