Day 1739: Facial Expressions

One thousand, two hundred and forty-five days ago, I wrote another blog post titled “Facial Expressions.”  My facial expression would be happy if you read that blog post.  Heck, my facial expression would be happy if you read any of my blog posts.

Yesterday, I drew this  facial expression:


Pointing to the bottom face, I asked my boyfriend Michael if he knew who that was.   His first tentative guess was “Me?”  My facial expression, in response to that, was probably disbelief, because I have never seen that expression on Michael’s face. His second guess, which was correct,  was somebody we both know.

How would you describe that facial expression?  It’s the  expression I most dread seeing on other people’s faces.

I wonder what expressions were  on my face, just now, when I realized that most of my other photos from yesterday show facial expressions.








To improve my facial expressions recently, I’ve been listening to the score of “Merrily We Roll Along” by Stephen Sondheim (whose facial expression can be found here).  Here‘s a “Merrily We Roll Along” YouTube video that shows many facial expressions.

Those were the facial expressions I saw TWICE on the stage of the Huntington Theater in Boston.  Now you know.

I hope you know that all expressions are welcomed, below.

My facial expression, here and now, is gratitude for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.


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32 thoughts on “Day 1739: Facial Expressions

  1. Humbug from Ivor, I do not have a good facial expression for the camera or any other situation….

  2. Thanks to scarring caused by a bad case of herpes zoster (shingles) in 2007, I have a lovely “pirate scar” along the top of my beard line and a deformed lip that scarring pulled to the right and down. It makes a confusing mess for people to analyse.

    From a left side view, I can be smiling, but the right side view suggests – ARRR! [pirate sound]- I am unhappy, even mad. Look at my face straight on, and you respond to me by which eye is your dominant one.

    I have to be aware of how people are looking at me so I don’t cause them needless stress and worry about how I am! For the most part, I am a happy person, so I hate to hear, “Are you upset?” or similar remarks because people see the wrong side of me.

    Further, to then explain to people who mistake my mood for a sour one because of the scarring is to embarrass most people who then realize why I look the way I do. (I am comfortable with the scarring because one doesn’t get through life without some marks, and it reminds me how close I came to worse consequences because of how close the rash came to my right eye and the potential of spreading to my brain by way of my optic nerve….)

  3. I think my default facial expression is happy. Others might not agree? I haven’t asked, not even during the blitz of popularity a bit ago about the state of “resting face,” Ann.

  4. I think my facial expressions are an easy read. My 8 yo granddaughter requests “thelook” but I can’t conjure it up on demand, I have to feel it. She laughs when I attempt the
    Old silent questioning glare from teaching days. I envision my expression relaxed and pleasant – until I read the news.

  5. There was an exercise that I once discovered that involved placing a mirror at a prominent place in your work area. It was interesting that most employees thought they were smiling most of the time, but the mirror would show otherwise. Interesting ??

  6. (‘∀’●) (n˘v˘•)¬ (ᑊᘩᑊ⁎)(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶

  7. When I read your earlier post I smiled several times and then got to the picture of Eddie Izzard, which reminded me of his joke about how there are no car chases in books. And then he suggested how that would go: “Oh, they drove faster, faster, driving fast and looking in the mirror. The other guy was pulling a face and driving fast, and then there was a terrible crash.”
    That put a smile on my face and I hope it does for you too.

  8. I am very surprised that anyone ever makes a face like that at you, Ann. You mostly share smiles and so I am comforted by the thought or hope that most people smile at you when they see you because they just can’t resist.

    You work at the spookiest hospital!

    • I think most people smile at me, Maureen, especially when I smile first at them.

      I’m smiling at your assumption that those photos are from the hospital where I work. Some of them are from the hospital where I get my medical care and others are from places where Michael and I were shopping Wednesday night. Hospitals CAN be spooky, though.

      I’m smiling at you now and I hope you’re smiling back. ❤

  9. My facial expression could be 😳 or 😡 but it’s 😍 after reading this post, and the long-ago post, too!

    • I wish I could reflect back to you your third facial expression, Sunny, but I don’t know how to use those emojis within WordPress. I DO have that expression on my face. ❤

  10. Right now I’m wearing my Year’s Living non- Judgmentally expression….a smile.

  11. Hmmm… Looking at my wrinkles it would seem I smile a lot. On the other hand, when I concentrate I tend to frown. Smiling at you right now Ann 😄

  12. Oh that expression appears to be anger, or disgust, or disappointment, or the face of someone who does not know how to clearly express feelings words.

  13. My resting B face is not attractive and I’m efforting to improve it. Sometimes I feel like I can converse better with my eyes and face than with words. Which perhaps, I need to work on as well. Love your post, I always leave learning something about myself.

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