Day 1503: Windows of hope

Even when we feel helpless and lost in the dark,  we can persist if there are windows of hope. When we open our hearts to those windows of hope, we can tolerate today’s distress and  see through those windows to possible solutions in the future.

Do you see any windows of hope in my photos from yesterday?











I hope I soon look through windows to see hopeful scenes like these:

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When you look out your windows today, what hope do you see?

Here‘s a window of hope on YouTube:

Windows of hope and gratitude to all who helped me create today’s window into my hopeful heart and to you — of  course! — for the hope you bring, here and now.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1503: Windows of hope

  1. I see snow, too, Ann. Hopefully, signs of spring.

  2. Office Space was a great film.

  3. I can see windows of hope in all of your pictures Ann

  4. hello Ann, i like your
    nice outfit with cute ears.
    & so beautifully hopeful
    your message offers
    to me and others,
    even if they’ve
    avoided cafeteria
    food in the past

  5. Hi Ann, I see very green grass outside my window. The magnolias are starting to bloom and soon the fruit trees will be letting loose flurries of pink, white and mauve blossoms. With all the rain we have received this winter, we are in for an amazing Spring.

  6. i 8 sum pi and it was good! Sines of Aaron amid signs of spring!

    Even when I feel helpless and lost in the dark, I can persist with some misheard lyrics. (True!)

  7. Many years ago I read a story about someone making a long trek to the ocean because it was the source of all life, and being able to return to the source of life meant both being able to start over and to carry on.
    All your pictures are windows of hope but especially the ones of water, and I hope your hope to live where you will always have a window to water is fulfilled.

  8. What flavor was the pie? Wasn’t it good enough to eat it all?

  9. This post made me tear up a little bit, Ann. I have never been without a “window” of hope. But I have such a sensitivity right now to friends who are living without much hope in their lives, and I feel such a weight. One of my dear friends lives with a permanent view of a local cemetery. So in this case I take the notion of a view of hope very literally. I don’t live far from the coast and I head there every time I need to lift my own hope up a bit! And seeing comfort food on your page…that’s always a good one, too! LOL!

  10. I have to tell you your photos are always so eclectic but so perfect for each topic. When I sit on my sofa I look out the window to the deck, past the deck, (which is on the second floor), out across the yard and into the woods, looking at the paths I’ve created. I love windows. Don’t you?

  11. It’s a gloomy day, but, then, there is tomorrow

  12. In the ongoing cycle of the seasons and there is always hope. 💕 Thank you for opening the window in me this morning Ann.

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