Day 1508: A quiet home

Yesterday, I returned to the quiet home of my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist George after a long, disquieting absence. George and I talked quietly about how difficult it’s been for me to find a quiet home after the multiple traumas of open heart surgery, my pacemaker getting recalled, complications with the pacemaker replacement surgery, all the noise around the U.S. election, the loudness of my mechanical heart valve at night, and the fear and discomfort I’ve been experiencing internally and externally. During my quiet time with George, I realized I could create a quiet home wherever I am, by focusing on whatever helps quiet my mind and my soul.

Soon after that quieting session, I saw this:


I’d love a quiet home, too.  How about you?

Can you see any quiet homes in my other photos from yesterday?
























While I was looking through windows of hope for quiet homes yesterday, I quietly heard this quiet music from Hamilton:


Thanks to all who helped me create  this quiet home today and to you — of course! — wherever your quiet homes are.

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29 thoughts on “Day 1508: A quiet home

  1. I now have a quiet home. I kinda miss the noise. The Hamilton song is a heart-breaker.

  2. I’m lucky in that I’m in a quiet home at the moment. Katie-girl (the dog) and I are at our lake house, all by ourselves. No TV. Just her and me and the lake. Lovely.

  3. Peace in the home is a key part of a quiet home. Wishing you much peace and just the right amount of quiet.

    Poor Earl! What can be done for a cat with those health conditions?

  4. Did you adopt the friendly and regal-looking guy? Might bring a different sort of peace to your quiet life!

  5. I like your reflection selfie Ann.

  6. What is a quiet home? I wonder. Could it be silence, meditation, nirvana… These are philosophical, existential questions I’ve always had ever since since I can remember. Any phrase with an adjective makes me wonder.

  7. Most people know Spock’s Vulcan salute and the saying “Live long and prosper” but true Trekkies know the proper response is “Peace and long life.”
    It’s only logical to wish that for others.

  8. You’ve had one devil of a year since last summer. I hope things calm down soon. The good thing is you go out and see things like the decorated bus and cute bunnies and funny little carloads of deplorables. This is all good.

  9. Quite quiet here.. come for a visit! I’m rather stuck inside for a while.. I’ve become obsessed with the entire Hamilton soundtrack and story. It is incredible and somewhat cathartic in these insane political times to know how messy it’s always been.

  10. I like the bunny’s home. The bunny does too. The bunny looks content in it’s little home.

  11. Hi Anne,
    Its all about the race we are in!
    Check my latest blog.
    Take care,

  12. The words proud and deplorable should never been seen together. However, cats with the name Earl are always welcomed.

    • Thanks for making my blogging home better with your welcomed and non-deplorable comment. I’m proud to have you as my reader.

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  14. noonespecial

    I wish you the nicest, quiet home! I loved also the Hamilton song, even I never heard about!

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