Day 1501: Persisting

In my persisting need to follow the news, I read that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this about Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, yesterday:

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.

I can see that this statement is persisting in many ways on social media and elsewhere.

Because I have been persisting for so long as a woman with lots of ideas who likes to express them, I have also  been warned, given explanations, and nevertheless persisted.

Do I have to give explanations for these persisting images on my iPhone?












Is it the right moment for me to post this music persisting on YouTube?

I hope you leave a persisting comment about this persisting post, below.

Persisting thanks and love from this persisting blogger.


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33 thoughts on “Day 1501: Persisting

  1. Beautiful photos in bewildering times. Thank you.

  2. Perfect

  3. I have that same sewing table! The machine folds underneath and I use it as a lamp table. Bought it in a garage sale for $10. I do love a latte. Have a good day Ann- it’s a snowy day here!

    • The snow will be persisting here today too, Lisa. I wonder if I’ll be persistent enough to make it into work. Thanks for your persisting perceptions.

  4. Such persistence. You are really asking for it 🙂

  5. No
    Necessary, Ann.
    We persist.

  6. We’re all going to be more persistent these days, some of us more than others.

  7. There is no dead-end. We persist.

  8. Persistence requires taking a long view of things, and that’s why I’m glad for Senator Warren’s persistence. It may seem like she hasn’t succeeded in the short term but we can appreciate her courage with a longer perspective. It’s been noted that several men followed her example and were not “warned” or stopped. That says something about the world we live in but it also, with a longer perspective, means that we may eventually have a world where women are judged as equals because of their courage and their ability to inspire.

  9. Hey great pics.
    Old Singer machine. My grandmother had the same

  10. I’m so glad you persist you in writing this blog every day, Ann! I persist in looking forward to reading it. Great photos, and especially the mystery cupboard with the lucky stones and emergency lamp!

  11. May we all persist with what our heart tells us to do. 💛

  12. The singer sewing machine persistently reminds me that my mom made everything from ladies evening gowns to my Halloween costumes on it.

  13. The Hon. MM’s words are the Highest Honor he could have bestowed on The Honorable Elizabeth Warren! 🙂 Makes me all warm and happy to see how insightful (not inciteful) his particular brand of persistence has turned out to be! 🙂

    I love that little cupboard with the camp light and beautiful stones. I hope the light goes on for The Hon. MM soon and very soon. And that the photo persists boldly on your iPhone!

  14. I especially enjoyed the advice about never chasing a dog into a dead-end alley. That sounds like great advice to me.

  15. “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.”-Buddha

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  17. may you
    and other women
    persist and lovingly
    overcome this
    so-called senator
    and those with his view 🙂

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