Day 1500: Mistakes

In the one thousand and five hundred consecutive posts for this daily blog, mistakes have been the main topic at least five times, if I am not mistaken.

You can check for mistakes in previous posts about mistakes here, here, here, and here.

Yesterday, in therapy, somebody was focusing on mistakes.  Make no mistake, lots of people who come to see me for individual or group therapy focus on and feel bad about mistakes.  They often make the common mistake of believing that only they make mistakes every day.

Everybody makes mistakes every day.  Why?  Because we’re human.

Was it a mistake for me to take only four photos yesterday?






I may be mistaken, but I believe that first photo shows people  on their way to yesterday’s victory parade for the New England Patriots. And make no mistake, that last photo shows my boyfriend Michael’s latest victorious meal. Michael was afraid he’d made  mistakes by soaking the monkfish before trying to bread it (unsuccessfully) and then poaching the fish instead.  I thought those “mistakes” resulted in a perfectly delicious meal.

When I look at the news these days, I can get upset about what I see as other people’s mistakes. Sometimes I make the common mistake of forgetting that the only behaviors I can control are my own.

It’s never a mistake for me to look for music on YouTube I want to share.

What are your thoughts and feelings about mistakes?

Time for me to end this post so I can make more mistakes!

No mistake: I am grateful for Michael, my work, my blog, patriots of all kind,  Amanda Joy, good food, the opportunity to make mistakes, and — of course! — you, my readers.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1500: Mistakes

  1. Deb

    I guess I could say that my biggest mistake is how long I dwell on my mistakes. Some beautiful words of wisdom here. 🙂

  2. Make no mistake about it, your blog will continue to be a daily read.

  3. I didn’t found any mistakes in your post, Ann 🙂

  4. I’m happy my daily mistakes no longer need a newsprint correction, Ann.

  5. I recall a Pink Pearl eraser (remember when we actually used pencils in school?) that was printed with “I Never Make Big Mistakes”!

    • That’s hilarious and reminds me of a funny story. In Britain erasers are called “rubbers”.
      The British comedian Jasper Carrott was in the United States and went into a drugstore looking for an eraser.
      He couldn’t find one and finally asked the woman behind the counter, “Excuse me, where can I find a rubber?”
      She said, “You want just one?”
      And he replied, “Well I don’t make that many mistakes!”
      She was, understandably, thoroughly baffled.

    • Thanks for the unmistaken and big laughs!

  6. I thick it’s knot the no off picks yew putt inn that maters – ass longue ass theyre ass revelant ass theese for.

  7. Love this! As a life-long recovering perfectionist, I try to embrace mistakes as part of the journey. I love how you show up every day. You inspire me! Mistakes will happen and I strive to embrace them rather than fixate on them. Mistakes are nothing more than opportunities for growth. It’s all in one’s perception.

  8. I have made a lot of mistakes and some of them have been big ones, but it is never a mistake to visit your blog.

  9. I made so many over the decades. Most revolved around poor judgment. Got wiser and play out all negative possibilities beforehand now. Unfortunately it made me a cynical old pessimist and the only one I trust is my 93 year old father. I also avoid circumstances where I have to make any kind of choice. It is not my choice to live that way but I sleep well each night.

  10. I don’t think you’re alone. Yesterday (Tuesday) I posted a Wordless Wednesday blog post. So far 3 out of 4 commenters haven’t noticed. I think the rule should be…if they don’t notice, don’t tell.

  11. Make no mistake to tell Ann I saw that dish

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