Day 1520: Oscar-related lessons

Like every other life experience, the 2017 Oscars provided some valuable lessons, including:

  1. It’s not over until it’s over (which was also a lesson of the Super Bowl earlier this month) and
  2. Everybody makes mistakes.

Here’s another Oscar-related lesson:


Don’t fall asleep near an adorable cat named Oscar if you don’t want your photo taken and shared on the internet.

Do you see any lessons in my other photos from yesterday?












I learned these lessons, yesterday, from that clock at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge: That IS a working steam-punk clock, you can make a clock out of anything, and time is ticking, so seize the day!

Any lessons in this music?

If there’s any lesson I’ve learned in my life, it’s to express gratitude to those I appreciate, including you!

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33 thoughts on “Day 1520: Oscar-related lessons

  1. Great clock. Thanks for checking back.

  2. The map of Massachusetts looks pretty accurate…

  3. Haha re — Grandma on speed dial!

    Love the lizard with the butterfly on its head

    And the steampunk clock.

    The lesson being — everything is related.

    Thanks for the smiles this morning.

  4. Yes, Ann, Warren should know by now that if it doesn’t seem quite right, don’t just pass it off to Faye.

  5. Sleeping cat….butterflied lizard….cool clock. All smiles over here. Thanks for sharing.

  6. With or without the gun, many of our fathers said “shoot”. Lessons in strength, priceless.

  7. I once knew someone who said that whenever he felt like exercise he lay down until the feeling passed.

  8. Instagram. 😂

  9. Big day for our family today! Came here for the lucky start to the day. And found it! Thanks!

    Michael has some not-uncatlike qualities, all of them bloggily sweet. He is my second favourite author of The Years Of Living Non-Judgmentally.

  10. I’m always glad for this daily checkin from Boston, and on this day in particular the reminder from my doctor that nitrates are more expensive than day rates.

  11. That map made me laugh

  12. Everyone makes mistakes. Especially when they are colloidal mistakes

  13. Oscar-related lessons are that I love Oscar!

  14. “Does anyone really know what time it is?”

  15. Have you noticed I’m catching up on my reading? Thanks for providing this Oscar worthy material this morning.

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