Day 745: I Feel Fine

Yesterday, when I was at Cardiac Rehab, I had a good conversation with Kathy


shown there on the left, with Carla and Danise. Kathy and I talked about the latest developments in My Land of A Hundred* Cardiologists, regarding possible surgical interventions and other next steps, for me and my very unusual heart.

Me: I don’t know if the doctors understand this, though. I FEEL FINE.

Kathy:  Yes, and I think your doctors want  you to KEEP feeling fine, by acting sooner rather than later.

Whenever somebody makes sense like Kathy does, I feel fine.

Yesterday, I wrote about Reasons Why I Do Not WANT To Have Heart Surgery. When I get insightful and helpful comments on a post, as I did yesterday, I feel fine. I feel fine, right now, explaining a little more about yesterday’s post, as follows:

Whenever I allow myself to get in touch with my fears and express them (using humor, visuals, and references to things I love), I feel fine.

Before I went to cardiac rehab yesterday, I facilitated a therapy group at work, where — I hope — people felt finer at the end than in the beginning.


I feel fine that I love my work.

However, as usual, even when I feel fine, there’s always something to NOT feel fine about. For example, yesterday, I feared that I was, again, a loser.  

Penny the Pen was missing.

However, right after I parked my car in the hospital garage for cardiac rehab, I saw Penny in the passenger seat.


Whenever I find something I fear I’ve lost, I feel fine!

Here’s Penny feeling fine at cardiac rehab:



In the evening, Penny, my boyfriend Michael, and I all felt fine at a pet superstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA:


I feel fine whenever I listen to “I Feel Fine” by the Beatles, found here on YouTube.

What helps you feel fine?

Thanks to everybody, everywhere reading today’s post who feels fine or not fine,  including you!

Picture 67

(Image of Italian word “fine” found here)


* I’m not actually dealing with a hundred cardiologists these days, but it FEELS like it. I feel fine exaggerating, in situations like these. Do you?

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48 thoughts on “Day 745: I Feel Fine

  1. I cant remember the last time I felt “fine”. I am always stressed and running around. I think I was content right before I fell asleep tonight, both my kids were wrapped in my arms and my son, 11 told me he loved me, and my daughter,13 said I was her best friend. Of course, its 5:15am in CA, so who knows where everyone will be at 5:15pm tomorrow, I could be the Wicked Witch of the West! Lol. So maybe I am almost happy? 🙂 I am glad you are feeling “Fine”.

    When you come to Ca, you must to to Catalina Island, its beautiful.

    • Feeling content is very fine, also. I feel completely happy about this comment. And thanks for the recommendation for Catalina Island!

  2. To be very honest I felt so incredibly fine while reading this that I wanted to share with you how fine I am feeling. I love the pictures!!!!

  3. yeoldefoole

    reading your daily posts leaves me feeling fine!!!

  4. I Feel Fine Feeling For Flowers, For Feathered Friends in Flight. I Feel Fine for Finding Faith, I Feel Fine For Fighting Fears and Followers of Friendship. I Feel Fine Feeling Fearless and Finding Forgiveness.

  5. Feeling Fine after reading your post and seeing Penny the Pen. What a great companion to have at the ready to jot down what is on your mind! Hope you have a feeling fine day 🙂

  6. I thought of The Beatles’ song too! Glad you found Penny 🙂 And Feeling Strangely Fine album by Semisonic is pretty good too btw

  7. I feel fine that you found Penny. I quite attached to her too….. still in a healthy way though …. lol

  8. However many cardiologists you see, make sure they l;eave you feeling fine.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. I feel fine that you have lots of different ways of making yourself feel fine. I feel fine in myself when I’m reading the posts of lovely people, like you. What an amazingly fine little thing Penny the Pen is to be able to make you feel so fine! I love her photos. She’s so photogenic! It’s also fine that you have such fine people looking after you.Those three ladies look extremely fine to me (as well as caring, cheerful and capable etc.). I’m sure your cardiologists are exceptionally fine, too. Keep yourself feeling fine, Ann.

    • Thank you, Millie, for this caring, cheerful, and exceptionally fine comment. I shall do my best to keep myself feeling fine (and your lovely words help, for sure).

  10. Penny flatters any pet by increasing the aaaw factor. I wonder if photos of Penny with pets on the SPCA’s adoption blog would increase the adoption rate?

    I’m glad that you’re feeling fine and that you found Penny and are now a finder and a fine-er, rather than loser

    And I hope that we find the three (3!) bus passes we’ve lost this month in this household. Worth about a hundred dollars each, more in the rain. 🙂

  11. Sometimes one has to embellish to drive a point home Ann! I feel fine about this and your post! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. What an amazing post! Feeling fine is what matters, always and forever. Thanks!

  13. By the way, I can see that Ringo feels fine there, riding the exercise bike. But, who is playing the drums?

  14. I feel fine when I have a great cup of tea. 🙂

  15. I see that all the medical people are sticking together on this Ann, and they want you to continue feeling fine, and Team Ann wants you to live for a good, long time. Fine. The Italian meaning for Fine means finish, right, conclude, the end, am I right? After the operation would come a great new start! Avvio!

  16. It must have been just fine for you to find Penny. And I feel fine for having just read this. Go with the recommended program so you will for sure keep feeling fine (and I am still fine with smuggling a kitty in),

  17. I think feeling fine now makes it harder to resist looking into the real problem.

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  19. Migrant Pen

    hi, where are you based now? because I’m updating my list of bloggers –

    • I feel fine approving this comment here, even though it showed up in a lot of my posts. I’m feeling fine in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

  20. I feel better after reading this (I was getting steamed up about amazon’s unhelpful ‘helpline’ for sellers). love the Beatles too.

  21. I feel real fine just now! Even on days I don’t feel fine I am actually still fine, because I am fine emotionally! Huge hugs!!!!!!!

  22. Humor diffuses our fears, or, at least, helps lighten the load. I’m a huge Beatles’ fan and this song, “I Feel Fine” definitely leaves me feeling more upbeat. (Their other song – “I’m a Loser” – however, does not define you. I prefer to think that Penny felt fine taking a holiday and then returned to your welcoming ways.) Thanks for sharing that song, Ann.

    I’m glad you’re feeling fine about the direction you’re taking. 😉

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