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Day 3482: Introductions

The introduction to today’s post is going to be my random thoughts about introductions:

  • I’m working on the introduction to the first book I’ve ever written — “How to Make Your Brain Shut Up.”
  • My introduction of a new member into my Coping and Healing groups always includes inviting the other people to remember what it felt like when they were new to the group.
  • When I was giving a talk about my groups and was asked what I wanted as an introduction, I replied, “Just say, this is Ann Koplow. She knows what she’s talking about.”
  • Before the introduction in 2016 of a mechanical heart valve and the need to take Coumadin/Warfarin for the rest of my life, I was very anxious about the impact of those things, but now it’s all second nature to me.
  • My husband Michael and I feared that the introduction of a new cat, Joan, would bother our old cat Harley, but after a brief introductory period of hissing and him adjusting to her, everybody’s fine.

Now that we’ve finished the introduction, do you see introductions in my images for today?

To celebrate National Cousins Day, I want to tell my cousin Lani (who’s being reading this blog since its introduction in 2013) how much I love and appreciate her. I’m looking forward to our introduction to Viking River cruises in May 2023.

Here are the two songs I think have especially great introductions:

I feel fine about ending this post about introductions with gratitude for all the wonderful people I’m been introduced to over the years, including YOU!

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Day 745: I Feel Fine

Yesterday, when I was at Cardiac Rehab, I had a good conversation with Kathy


shown there on the left, with Carla and Danise. Kathy and I talked about the latest developments in My Land of A Hundred* Cardiologists, regarding possible surgical interventions and other next steps, for me and my very unusual heart.

Me: I don’t know if the doctors understand this, though. I FEEL FINE.

Kathy:  Yes, and I think your doctors want  you to KEEP feeling fine, by acting sooner rather than later.

Whenever somebody makes sense like Kathy does, I feel fine.

Yesterday, I wrote about Reasons Why I Do Not WANT To Have Heart Surgery. When I get insightful and helpful comments on a post, as I did yesterday, I feel fine. I feel fine, right now, explaining a little more about yesterday’s post, as follows:

Whenever I allow myself to get in touch with my fears and express them (using humor, visuals, and references to things I love), I feel fine.

Before I went to cardiac rehab yesterday, I facilitated a therapy group at work, where — I hope — people felt finer at the end than in the beginning.


I feel fine that I love my work.

However, as usual, even when I feel fine, there’s always something to NOT feel fine about. For example, yesterday, I feared that I was, again, a loser.  

Penny the Pen was missing.

However, right after I parked my car in the hospital garage for cardiac rehab, I saw Penny in the passenger seat.


Whenever I find something I fear I’ve lost, I feel fine!

Here’s Penny feeling fine at cardiac rehab:



In the evening, Penny, my boyfriend Michael, and I all felt fine at a pet superstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA:


I feel fine whenever I listen to “I Feel Fine” by the Beatles, found here on YouTube.

What helps you feel fine?

Thanks to everybody, everywhere reading today’s post who feels fine or not fine,  including you!

Picture 67

(Image of Italian word “fine” found here)


* I’m not actually dealing with a hundred cardiologists these days, but it FEELS like it. I feel fine exaggerating, in situations like these. Do you?

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