Day 441: FINE

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote an entire post in my head.

This is it.

Not to put too fine a point on it … this really isn’t it, but rather an attempt to recreate those middle-of-the-night musings. For example, this paragraph wasn’t there, at all, last night.

What I did want to do today was communicate some of my thoughts and feelings about this kind of fine:

Fine (penalty)

A fine is money paid usually to superior authority, usually governmental authority, as a punishment for a crime or other offence. The amount of a fine can be determined case by case, but it is often announced in advance.

The most usual use of the term, fine, relates to a financial punishment for the commission of crimes, especially minor crimes, or as the settlement of a claim. A synonym, typically used in civil law actions, is mulct.

I hope it’s fine with you that I riff, a little, about those opening lines from that Wikipedia entry.  First of all, I object to the words “superior authority.”  Superior to whom?  To me?  Oh, fine!  THAT’S really going to trigger my authority issues!  AS IF I’m going to want to pay a fine to somebody or something that acts SUPERIOR to me!

Also, what about that word “punishment”?  That’s going to help me pay any fine I might owe, too — feeling like a bad child that has to stand in the corner, just because I did something minor.  And that word “crime”?  That’s going to help my self-esteem a lot and help me feel safe and secure. Maybe, just maybe, whenever I get fined for some stupid little infraction, like my parking meter running out, I JUST WON’T PAY!  That’ll show them!

And don’t even get me started on the word “mulct.”

Based on that rant, people might be wondering how I am, this morning.

I’m fine.

Sometimes, I’ve heard it said, “I’m fine” might mean that you’re really

Freaked out




According to, here are some other definitions of the acronym FINE:

Frustrated Insecure Neurotic Emotional

Fickle Insecure Neurotic and Emotional

Foggy Insecure Neurotic Emotional

Fouled Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional (Aerosmith; polite form)

Fault Injection and Monitoring Environment

Feelings Inside Not Expressed

Feeling Inadequate, Needing Encouragement

Actually, I really AM fine this morning.

Although, this post is quite different from the one I imagined, last night. I hope that’s fine with everybody.

This post is not fine enough for me, though, until I include some visuals. Let’s see what Google Images has for “fine,” this fine morning:


(I found this image here)


(I found this image here)


(I found that image here)


(I found this image here)


(I found this image here)


(I found this image here)

And fine-ally, let’s see if I have anything on my iPhone that’s a fine-enough fit for this post.


I sure felt fine, when I saw the moon, two nights ago.

Thanks to The Free Dictionary, Wikipedia, Acronym Finder,  Google Images, and all those other fine resources I depend upon for my posts; thanks to all those who helped with the creation of this post in any way; to fine people everywhere (in every sense of the word); and to you — of course! — for visiting today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 441: FINE

  1. That fingernail cheat sheet in very fine with me.

  2. I get so much out of your posts.

  3. Thanks for sharing your more than ‘fine’ post with us. Have an awesome day! Peace, love, bliss.

  4. Thanks for starting my morning in such a fine way!

    And Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! T’is sure to be a fine one!

  5. Fine piece….

  6. Somebody cheats like that fingernail formula on a big test, and the result will be some sort of punitive fine, certainly, Ann. That moon over Boston looks fine, on the other hand.

  7. You have a fine mind for blogging in the middle of the night.

    Fine: adjective
    1. of high quality.
    “this was a fine piece of filmmaking”
    synonyms: excellent, first-class, first-rate, great, exceptional, outstanding, superior, splendid, magnificent, exquisite, choice, select, prime, supreme, superb, wonderful, superlative, of high quality, second to none;

  8. After all that, I’m surprised that you’re not Feeling In Need of Encouragement 🙂

  9. If the kids ask me and I say ‘I’m fine’, then they know that I’m not. “Feeling Inadequate, Needing Encouragement” is probably the truth.
    Hope you have a better than fine day, hope you have a “good” day. 🙂

  10. I’ve been feeling fine for a while. I only didn’t know it could be summed up so neatly 😉

  11. Funny, Intelligent, Nutty, Entertaining….thanks! 🙂

  12. Oh how I love this!! I always used to say Fine…when I was drinking:-) When I got sober and learned about the many wonderful acronyms for Fine…I stopped saying it…unless of course I was really Fine!!! Thanks Ann!

  13. So this is like the 2nd time in just a week or so that you’ve written a post in your head and then not written it here! Where are all of those posts in your head going? Are they “fine” with not being let out? Is your head going to explode from all of them? Talk about Feelings Inside Not Expressed! That is literally what just happened! 🙂

  14. awesome images – really enjoyed this – quite fine…. lol

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  16. Nice blog, bookmarked! Thank you

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