Day 1387: Parallel Realities

Yesterday, I encountered several parallel realities, including:

  • happiness and sadness,
  • blame and forgiveness,
  • health and illness,
  • life and death,
  • hope and despair,
  • improvements and setbacks,
  • old and new,
  • ups and downs,
  • pain and relief,
  • poverty and abundance,
  • ins and outs,
  • driving and walking,
  • connection and loneliness,
  • Democrats and Republicans,
  • fear and safety,
  • hot and cold,
  • cats and dogs,
  • doctors and patients,
  • belief and skepticism,
  • apples and oranges,
  • comedy and tragedy, and
  • one of my favorite CDs,  Parallel Realities,  with drummer Jack DeJohnette, guitarist Pat Metheny, and keyboardist Herbie Hancock.

Here‘s a live version of the great tune “Jack In” from Parallel Realities, wherein Jack, Pat, Herbie, and bassist Dave Holland work it out.


Early in the day, I attended Cardiac Rehab for the first time since the winter of 2015 and encountered several parallel realities there, including …


… a cardiac rehab student named  Tori and a cardiac rehab veteran named Danise,

… two parallel  measurements of exertion, and

. … two parallel signs.

On the way home from Cardiac Rehab, my long-time friend Eleanor, who is very much alive, drove us by some characters who were definitely dead:







Do you see any other parallel realities in my other parallel photos from yesterday?







What parallel realities are you encountering, right now?

Finally, here are some parallel and real thanks for those who helped me create this “Parallel Realities”  post and those who came to read it (including you!).




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23 thoughts on “Day 1387: Parallel Realities

  1. Those skeletons are so funny! Now, the parallel reality of that dish Michael cooked means that Grumpy will visit you soon.

  2. Those characters show that being dead doesn’t mean you have to stop living.
    When I first studied geometry I learned that its most basic concepts–points, lines, planes–were purely imaginary. I believed the imaginary and the real were always parallel to each other, but now I know they often intersect. Right now on the wall of my office is this quote from Carl Sagan: “Imagination will often carry us to other worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

  3. What Christopher said!

  4. Prayer on Election Day – now there’s a perfect exmple

  5. Love those lively skeletons Ann 😎
    I’m grateful for parallel realities … it always keeps me alert to what is real 💛

  6. Funny what you find in gardens…. those skeletons are quite spooky. Prayer on Election day … yes you do need lots of prayers for that day …. 🙂

  7. Prayer on election day. Yup. Perhaps a separate reality as well as a parallel one…

  8. Bloody hell yes, like others I liked the skeletons not that I know how I would cope if I ever came across a skeleton although one of those ones wouldn’t be too bad to come across

    • Bloody hell indeed, Joanne, except with just bones I guess there would be no blood with these skeletons, right? And I’m always glad to come across one of your comments.

  9. Those skeletons are a riot!! I love the bermuda shorts.

  10. I’m not sure if during this election season we are experiencing parallel realities or an alternate universe. But it’s a sure thing we’ll need to hold onto our sense of humor. The skeletons you encountered are good for that. They sure are snappy dressers!

  11. Clever post, Ann, which in some sense mirrors my study of functions and their inverses.

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