Day 3104: Sit with it

Whatever it is, sit with it. Be in the moment with it, savor it, adjust to it, before you react.

Are you ready to sit with my images for the day?


There’s a lot to sit with these days!

When I search YouTube for “sit with it,” I find this

… and this:

What helps you sit with it?

I look forward to sitting with your comments. Thanks for sitting with this blog, here and now.

If you have trouble accepting that you’re the best, sit with it!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3104: Sit with it

  1. The sitting is easy. It’s the getting up and moving that seems hard.

  2. Lightning storms scare me, Ann, no matter what position I experience them in.

  3. I ‘want’ to love watching storms but I fear the damage.

  4. I love storms, especially hearing and feeling the rain, and snowstorms if I don’t have to go anywhere – I don’t always sit with things, but often walk with them silently.

  5. My husband and I received our second vaccinations yesterday and we hope that our adult kids in Canada will get theirs by September. (My US -based kids had theirs already.) Looking forward to seeing friends and family! Looking forward is a good feeling.

  6. I love storms but I also remember the day back in 1998 when I looked out the window of my office and saw a funnel cloud forming. We all ran for the stairwell.
    Actively sitting with my feelings seems like a good idea, though. I feel like I’ve been mindlessly sitting for too long and I need to sit up and engage. Although I have been trying to write one short story a week for a year. It’s an exercise recommended by Ray Bradbury who said, “It’s impossible to write fifty-two bad short stories in a row.” I hope I don’t prove him wrong.

  7. I can sit with it when Harley is present.

  8. I have a lot on my mind these days and find that it really does seem to be calming to just sit with my feelings. Matter of fact, plain old sitting, as a practice, is kind of therapeutic. 🙂

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