Day 3105: Something beautiful

Here’s something beautiful I just posted on Twitter:

Yes, I would rather look at something beautiful than look at the news. Can you help me?

By the way, asking for help is something beautiful, and that’s something I get to witness in my therapy groups every week.

Can you find something beautiful in my other images for today?

When I search YouTube for “something beautiful,” I discover many beautiful things, including this:

… and this:

Gratitude is something beautiful, so thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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25 thoughts on “Day 3105: Something beautiful

  1. I love what I see here – the natural beauty, the inclusiveness, the nurturing of food and loving creatures, and the kind thought of leaving water for pet passers-by

  2. You have great beauty in your life, Ann, and you’re not afraid to walk around to soak it in.

  3. There’s so much beauty here and it’s beautiful that you’re sharing it with us. Especially cats. Cats are always beautiful and you can tell they know it.

  4. Those gorgeous flowers and those wonderful Pride flags made my heart smile:-)

  5. puella33

    The seaside is always beautiful to look at.

  6. Something beautiful is that bench with its surroundings, and the ‘daylilies’ shrub against the sea as compared to the true white lilies which you also show. The ‘daylilies’ are not true lilies and were grouped into a different family called ‘Hemerocallis’. The name originates from ancient Greek, ‘Hemera’ meaning ‘Day’ and ‘Kallos’ meaning beauty, this gives rise to their common name of ‘Daylily’ which represents the fact that each bloom only lasts for one day, while lilies last at least a week. Their leaf arrangement is different also. They’re also called ‘ditch lilies’ because they escaped cultivation.

  7. I would be very happy to spend an hour or two on that simple, but delightfully placed bench. That would offer a beautiful view for a beautiful experience! 🙂

  8. Always something beautiful in your blog posts, Ann, be it images or sentiments. Have a great holiday weekend! ❤️

  9. I so agree, I want to look at something beautiful instead of all the terrible things happening worldwide!

  10. Nature, community, inclusivity – what I see in your pictures and all beautiful. I love to follow photographers on Instagram. Some merely share beautiful photos while others share their camera settings and where to go to find beautiful scenes to photograph. And I’ve discovered some feeds where people can unburden themselves and find support (Post Secret), find community working toward healing from trauma (Nate Postlethwait) or share inspirational thoughts along a healing journey (Remembering My Divinity). Sharing, support, and inspiration can be beautiful.

  11. There are some truly beautiful photos in this post. My favorite is the distant shot of the orange cat on the green hill near the water.

  12. Beauty explosion!!!!

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