Day 3060: Motifs

Motifs (defined in this article about Motif No. 1 in Rockport as themes within a work of art that often repeat themselves) which often repeat themselves in this daily blog include the following:

  • friendship,
  • family,
  • food,
  • feelings,
  • healing,
  • hearts,
  • the here and now,
  • nature,
  • music,
  • groups,
  • gratitude,
  • whimsy,
  • work,
  • play,
  • time,
  • travel,
  • the truth,
  • memories,
  • home,
  • flora,
  • fauna, and
  • art.

Yesterday, several of those motifs were in play as my lifelong friend Deb and I revisited Rockport and other environs close to our shared hometown of Swampscott. Deb and I saw Motif No. 1 — “the most often painted building in America” (or maybe the world!) — and many other motifs on an incredibly beautiful and hopefully reopening day.

What motifs do you see in today’s images?


Cats are definitely a motif in this blog.

This photo …

… reminds me of a motif in my conversation with Deb yesterday, when we came up with an idea for a new game show called “Awesome or A-hole” in which people would try to guess as quickly as possible whether somebody was one or the other. The background motif for this conversation in Deb’s car were other Massachusetts drivers, often called “Massholes.”

Other motifs in this blog are ice cream and clarity, and I wanted to clarify that this …

… is a “kiddie cone,” which made no sense to me until Deb pointed out that the cone itself was kiddie-sized, even if the ice cream on top of it wasn’t.

YouTube videos are another motif in this blog, so here and here are two videos about Rockport …

… and two (here and here) specifically about Motif No. 1:

Gratitude is definitely a motif for me (as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday …)

… so thanks to Deb and all my other friends who help me share motifs in this daily blog, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 3060: Motifs

  1. Friendship is your constant and unerring motif, Ann.

  2. Ooooh! That cone looks good!

  3. Debbie T

    Thank you for taking us along on a virtual tour of Rockport!

  4. puella33

    That ice cream looks so good. I always wondered what was in that red building on the seaside at Rockport. Love of the outdoors and appreciation of who you’re with is a constant motif of your pictures.

    • Thank you for this lovely comment.

      • puella33

        So, do you know what’s in that red barn-like building, Ann?

      • If you mean Motif No. 1, I don’t know what is inside it now. These days, it’s there in Rockport Harbor to be painted and photographed. At some point, it was an artist studio, I think. I believe that’s all explained in the videos.

  5. The kiddie cone is aptly named because it’s the size of a small child, which is part of a recurring motif I’ve noticed of giving things slightly misleading names–although in this case it’s nothing to complain about.

  6. i see a motif of welcoming in most of your pics and i should like to take up residence in that tiny ‘kid-sized’ ice cream shop.

  7. The heart would be most apt

  8. Your motif is compassion, Ann. What a beautiful day in Rockport–such a charming little town. And that ice cream?! Whoa…

  9. The motif of spring I like here is the Lilac shrub Syringa vulgaris ‘Sensation’.

  10. Fabulous day celebrating the motif of friendship!

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