Day 3059: Please be patient

Please be patient with others and especially with yourself.

Please be patient because we all hurry and we all judge too quickly.

Please be patient as I reveal the inspiration for today’s post.

Please be patient as I look up quotes about patience. I hope you have the patience and the time to read through all of them.

Do you have the patience to look for the missing “to” (which I impatiently noticed immediately) in one of those many quotes about patience above?

For a long time, I’ve been working on the patience to tolerate mistakes in myself and others. Because I’ve been a patient in many hospitals due to my rare heart condition — and therefore reliant on the medical perfection of strangers — I can easily become impatient with mistakes.

Please be patient as I share my other images for today.

My husband Michael has had the patience to strip every bit of old stain from our deck before he applies the new stain, which won’t be delivered until Thursday, despite our impatient wish that it be delivered the day before.

This is just another opportunity to practice patience.

I was patient enough to find the song “Patient” by Apollo LTD, a duo from Nashville, Tennessee.

Please be patient as you look through all my expressions of gratitude for those who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU.

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21 thoughts on “Day 3059: Please be patient

  1. Michael did a great job with the deck!

  2. I consider patience to be my greatest virtue – except when I can’t wait

  3. I patiently looked for the missing “to”. It wasn’t there!

  4. I admit I don’t have much patience, and I seem to have less of it as I get older. Like everyone should know what I already know! Little do I know how little I DO know! But I’m much better than I used to be. I DID have patience looking at your photos today, too.

  5. Ann, you are a great landscape photographer. I see you have patience to photograph the best of scenery. I know one of the greatest lessons I learned with photography is that it taught me to have patience, although animals are the best to learn from because they are born with it, particularly cats.

  6. puella33

    Sometimes we have no other choice but to be patient. As I get older I have less patience with incompetence. I suppose weather we wait in grace or wait in frustration doesn’t change the outcome of the particular situation.
    It would be nice to just walk away, but sometimes it’s not always that simple.

  7. The Russian cosmonaut Boris Volynov said, “During a spaceflight, the psyche of each astronaut is re-shaped; having seen the sun, the stars and our planet, you become more full of life, softer. You begin to look at all living things with greater trepidation and you begin to be more kind and patient with the people around you.”
    I don’t think we need to travel into space to experience what’s known as “the overview effect”, but, ironically, it does make me impatient to see more advances in spaceflight so that more people can see how special our world is.

  8. thank you for being patient while waiting for me to reply. life ebbs and flows, each day is different.

  9. Please be patient, Ann. I will be sending you an email about Cape Cod …

  10. Wonderful assortment of quotes, Ann. I like them all! I am not naturally inclined towards a patient disposition, but I think this prolonged pandemic season has changed me some, in many ways, but I’ve learned to idle my impatience a little bit more. If we haven’t learned anything this year we’ve missed an opportunity.

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