Day 2853: Blue

Blue was on my mind yesterday, as I was

  • blue about death rates, economic losses, systemic injustices, etc.,
  • wondering if adult babies in power would hold their breath until they turned blue,
  • hoping that my country would turn blue in November, and
  • seeing blue all around me.

With the right combination of Michael’s cooking, work, blogging, hope, and love, I’ll survive another blue week.

Here, here, here, and here are the first four videos that show up for me on BlueTube, I mean YouTube, when I search for “blue.”

This also showed up …

… and this.

Is that enough blue for you?

Thanks to all who helped me write this blue post today, including YOU.

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33 thoughts on “Day 2853: Blue

  1. My the red, white and blue stand proudly together again, Ann.

  2. I wish I felt confident the country will go blue for Biden. You can’t believe the huge a Trump signs and flags flying.

  3. Hi Ann, I am blue with remorse because I haven’t been to visit you for so long. Big mistake, huge mistake – because your posts make me happy. Hope all is well with you!!

  4. My friend Scott has a son who once said, “I’m going to hold my breath until I pass out!” Scott told him to go ahead and try. His son ran off to his room and came back a few minutes later and said, “Okay, I did it!”
    I laughed and said, “Well done, young master. We shall watch your career with great interest.”
    In spite of that he’s matured into an honest and good person, which is more than I can say for our soon to be hopefully ex-president.

  5. Sitting in the white covered earth of Calgary, north of the invisible line that separates my country from yours, I too am blue with all that is happening south of the 49th.

    Praying the red waves turns soothing blue.

    And oh yes.. Curtis Mayfield! That lifted the gloomy, snowy skies above – I think I see a patch of blue rising somewhere on the horizon!

    Hugs my friend.

  6. I’m intrigued by how strongly the political parties in the United States are associated with the colors red and blue. Do you think that avid Republicans could ever feel that blue is their favorite color? or do people’s political associations affect their color preferences?

    In Canada there’s not a very strong association between colors and political parties, but the more left-leaning (and currently governing) Liberal party of Canada’s official color is red, and the more right-leaning Conservative party’s color is blue. I think the federal NDP’s color is orange, and that party is more left leaning than the Liberals. I don’t think that a supporter of the Liberal party in Canada would think twice about saying that her favorite color is blue, but I’m not sure whether that would hold true for an American in 2020.

    To confuse things, I just went to the website of the leader of the provincial Liberal party in BC to check whether he was using the same colors as the federal Liberals. (The provincial Liberal party is the right wing option in the province, which makes it quite different from the federal party. The governing party in BC right now is NDP and there is an election this week.) The leader of the BC Liberals is using blue, red, and yellow in his logo. The BC NDP is all orange.

    I thought I would throw those totally random facts your way.

    By the way, I have shared your video of the rescue of the kitten by the biker with several people and they have all loved it.

    • Yes, the colours are not as specific here in Canada — though the NDP and orange is generally an automatic association.

      Has it always been so delineated in the states? Red – right leaning. Blue – left leaning.

      In life, my favourite colour is purple — though I wear mostly only black and beige and grey – mostly laziness. I don’t have to ‘think’ about my wardrobe if I limit its palette. 🙂

      As so many of my fellow Canadians, what is happening in the States right now is very concerning — and here in Alberta, I often fear our Premier has some of the same tendencies as your current president.

      I am by nature a liberal, and you’re right — I do not associate my leaning with colour but with social policy. Fiscally, I think the colours are all muddied up in murky waters.

      Sending love and prayers to you and all your country.

    • I love totally random facts and all your colorful and illuminating comments, my friends. ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. puella33

    I’m usually green, hopeful, even though I’ve been disappointed so many times. I have this naive inclination that goodness exists and will prevail.

  8. Blue is a comforting color for me. Dougy, my late Persian kitty boy, destroyed an ottoman by scratching on the corners each time he got on it (several times a day), his way of telling Andy, his brother, and me not to put our feet on HIS ottoman!

    When Dougy died last July, Andy still didn’t feel comfortable getting on Dougy’s ottoman. I put a blue towel over the wrecked ottoman, thinking that would serve two purposes: I wouldn’t have to get rid of the ottoman or have it recovered (just yet…) so I didn’t get blue thinking about Dougy, my comedian cat, and maybe Andy would get past his association of that ottoman with his brother.

    The blue towel worked for my grief, but Andy wouldn’t use the ottoman till I put a lapboard over the towel over the remaining scent of his late brother. Now it’s one of his favorite places to sleep and groom or just use as a place to jump to to get around to other perches.

    Sometimes blue is a good thing.

  9. So much blue without turning the air blue. Well done indeed!

  10. So blue will it be without trying so hard, it was clear who won the debate. Your images also represent exquisite tidbits and details of everyday life.

  11. blue is a magical color. look up and see the blue sky, look down and see blue water. I also loved the song ‘love is blue.’

  12. I’m feeling blue, my friend. So much of uncertainty and unrest in this part of the world. And we’re on the verge of state o

  13. …of emergency due to the recent spike in new covid-19 cases and political turmoil. ξ(。◕ˇ◊ˇ◕。)ξ

  14. Here in UK the red and blue colours are reversed

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