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Day 3404: Favorites

Lately, I’ve been asking many questions about favorites on Twitter, including these:

A random thought about favorites: I haven’t had to worry about playing favorites with my children because I have only one child. Here’s one of my favorite photos of me and Aaron, taken years ago with Emo Philips, who was the opening act for Weird Al last night:

Do you see favorites in my other images for today?

There are so many National Days today that it’s difficult to pick a favorite. One of my favorite moments from Emo’s set last night was when he asked the crowd to help record a message wishing his friend Red, who is a jockey riding in the Kentucky Derby today, good luck. It was definitely my favorite use of a cell phone at the concert last night.

Here’s my favorite Weird Al song, in the style of Frank Zappa (who is also a favorite).

What’s your favorite part of this post? My favorite part is always the end, when I get to express my gratitude for all who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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Day 2853: Blue

Blue was on my mind yesterday, as I was

  • blue about death rates, economic losses, systemic injustices, etc.,
  • wondering if adult babies in power would hold their breath until they turned blue,
  • hoping that my country would turn blue in November, and
  • seeing blue all around me.

With the right combination of Michael’s cooking, work, blogging, hope, and love, I’ll survive another blue week.

Here, here, here, and here are the first four videos that show up for me on BlueTube, I mean YouTube, when I search for “blue.”

This also showed up …

… and this.

Is that enough blue for you?

Thanks to all who helped me write this blue post today, including YOU.

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