Day 2852: Eyes

Yesterday, in my Coping and Healing group, people told stories about eyes.

With my own eyes, I noticed people’s strong reactions to the stories about eyes, because eyes are

  • sensitive,
  • vulnerable, and
  • the windows to the soul.

At the end of the group, somebody made a commitment to turn their sensitive and vulnerable eyes away from the news for the rest of the day. The group members showed their approval and support with their eyes.

What do your eyes see in today’s photos?

Because my eyes have been hurting lately, I think I’ll watch this video over and over again instead of tonight’s U.S. President debate:

I’m so glad those people were using their eyes. Another good sight for my sore eyes would be comments from you.

I am thankful for my eyes and the observant eyes of kind people, like YOU.

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21 thoughts on “Day 2852: Eyes

  1. I have been sensitive about my eyes, a glasses wearer as a child and then again from about age 45 on, Ann.

  2. If people had eyes for sir Harley as president, they might not be disappointed.

  3. Thank you for posting that wonderful video of two men stopping to rescue a terrified kitten. They saved that kitten’s life! Thank you for reminding us that the world is also full of kind people. Merci Beaucoup!

  4. Let’s take a vote on rewarding those fine gentlemen. The ayes have it!

  5. puella33

    Adorable kitten in the video- but I think it’s a question of conscience- of doing the right thing. There are people who see, but don’t react.
    I have a feeling the debate may not take place, because Trump will have to get tested for Covid.

    • The debate took place, and now we will have to see if people do the right thing. Great to see you here!

      • puella33

        Yes, the debate took place, now we have to wait and see if people use their common sense.

  6. I’m enjoying turning my eyes to the changing leaves, the waxing moon, and some cool cats. This is my favorite time of year so I’m trying to keep my eyes on things that make me happy.

  7. the eyes have it.

  8. Suddenly eyes are now more important than ever

  9. I have an eye-dea, let’s not watch anymore news, lets just watch the sky and the plants and the animals around us. Then we would all be happier!!!

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