Day 2854: Red

Yesterday, I wrote about the color blue. My true-blue reader, Maureen, wrote this in a response:

I’m intrigued by how strongly the political parties in the United States are associated with the colors red and blue. Do you think that avid Republicans could ever feel that blue is their favorite color? or do people’s political associations affect their color preferences?

I am an avid Democrat and my favorite color is red, as you can see from the photos I’m sharing today.

If my country doesn’t turn blue this year, I’ll be thinking thoughts like today’s Daily Bitch, turning red in anger and embarrassment.

While I am waiting for the election results, I shall listen to favorite music, including The Red One, featuring some red-hot guitar playing by Pat Metheny and John Scofield.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this red post?

Red thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, read by many, including YOU!

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24 thoughts on “Day 2854: Red

  1. Ann! I burst out laughing when I saw your red paragraph and read your red reply. (And everybody else in the silent house, including the cat, is still asleep, so it was a very loud laugh.) Thank you for all the red photos, that illustrate your point so readily. You answered my question fully. Thank you.
    I don’t no longer wonder whether political party preference in the United States influences the color preferences of Americans. Somehow, after reading your blog for 7 years or so, I did not know or else had forgotten that red is your favorite color.

    • Red is my favorite color and I also like purple, Maureen. It makes me blush red with pleasure that you found so much joy in this post. ❤

  2. It’s funny people adhere so strongly to the red and blue because it was news programs that showed maps in red and blue to start with–probably because of the flag colors…The parties didn’t pick the colors. I remember being aggravated when they first did it because at the time I had an old portable B&W tv that I bought on sale in the 80’s and pulled from the closet for news and election nights. The maps just looked …gray. Now I just stream anything on the computer…But I love your red pictures and especially the leaves. And Pat Metheny…nice.

  3. Hi Ann, I know, I know – I am back for a second day in a row. I think I am going to change my favorite color to purple, or actually maybe a lavender. A combination of red and blue – because I can’t wrap my mind around the fact – I don’t like either of the presidential candidates and I wish there was someone running under the purple color. I love the photo of the chrysanthemums – they are very beautiful!! Hope you have a lovely day!!

  4. Redoubtably redolent but not redative!

  5. puella33

    I wonder how these party colors originated. It’s going to be an anxious 10 days, Ann. My favorite color is green- I love the green leaves i of Spring it wouldn’t be appreciated if it were not for the other vibrant colors…. Have a nice day, Ann and everyone

  6. I like the Red Sox and also the Blue Jays a bit farther north so when people argue over blue and red it makes me a little green around the gills.

  7. Oh, those chrysanthemums! And it’s ironic because here, the Liberal party, closer to your democrats, is red, while the Conservative party, pretty much like your current republicans, is blue.

  8. Red is beautiful but not for the party color it implies.

  9. my favorite of your red pics, is the beautiful circle of red leaves. my favorite color is green, so –

  10. Your blog is very well red, Ann.

  11. In Canada the liberals are red and the conservatives are blue. it always confuses me when I see the U.S. map with blue and red states. My favourite colour is red as well.

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