Day 2825: I’m not smiling

I’m not smiling today because

  • the news sucks,
  • I’m overwhelmed at work,
  • difficult people are being difficult (surprise!),
  • the coronavirus epidemic is raging,
  • the U.S. President is raging,
  • disenfranchised people are raging, apparently to little avail,
  • I’m raging,
  • injustice seems out of control,
  • chaos seems to be winning,
  • bureaucracies, including the IRS, are even more impossible to negotiate, and
  • many people I love are not smiling, either.

What does the smiling Daily Bitch have to offer us today?

I’m also not smiling because I had NO TIME to walk yesterday, so here are the only other photos I have to offer:

Even watching the Match Game last night with Michael, Aaron, and Harley couldn’t make me smile.

I am now going to search YouTube for something that will make me smile.

I’m still not smiling. Here’s “Making Strangers Happy (Guaranteed to Make You Smile):

Are you smiling? How about this:

Sometimes, you have to move through the tears to get to the smiles.

It makes me smile to express my gratitude to Stephen Colbert, Mustafa Hussain, Herb Alpert, and everyone else who helps me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2825: I’m not smiling

  1. When Karen and I were driving recently we spotted a homemade bumper sticker that read BYEDON. That made us smile, Ann.

  2. I’m very sorry that you are overwhelmed at work, Ann. I hope that work eases up on you a bit. Harley seems to feel everything is copacetic.

    • I told my manager, Maureen, so I’m feeling more hopeful today. Thank you for your empathic support, which always makes me smile.

  3. The world, and particularly the USA is out of control. Petting cats helps.

  4. puella33

    I’m laughing at The Daily Bitch- we’re so nervous that we are constantly peeing- We’ll be sitting on the toilet most of election night ahahah. There’s a lot of negativity going on, but they’re would’nt be any chaos if people didn’t sense the injustice. So, rebelling is a good thing in this case. So we have to get together and vote him out as the people chanted yesterday.
    I am a bit discouraged though, that this negativity is bringing the ugliness in most of us- especially in our decorum. I would have liked to have seen more peace , respect ans spirituality that Ruth Bader Ginsburg deserved as she was lying in state.. It was inevitable , I suppose, that peoples chores were aroused at the presence Trump showed up, (because he is so inflammatory and toxic to any type of environment.) that it was inevitable that he hear ” vote him out ” because he is the antithesis of all that is rational and good- his own family members can’t stand him.

  5. Happiness is fleeting, but I like to think sadness, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed are too–even if they seem never ending in the moment. I hope soon you’ll find something to make you smile. I know I’m smiling now because you reminded me of one of my heroes.

  6. I’m smiling because it takes less effort than a frown and makes me feel good!

  7. Time to retire? Or at least let go a bit. I’m finding that what I would normally be doing has become more stressful…. or at least takes more effort. What appeals is more time off. More time out. More nurturing. And perhaps more appreciation of my home buddies…

  8. Debbie T

    Love the “hand puppets”.

  9. i’m smiling because it makes my face and heart happy.

  10. I’m not smiling because perhaps smiles were also invented by humans.

  11. I’m not smiling if you’re not smiling, my dear friend! (・_・)♥(-_-)

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