Day 2824: Hell

What are your ideas about hell? To me, hell is a place with no

  • justice,
  • kindness,
  • awareness,
  • wisdom,
  • equality,
  • truth,
  • closure,
  • respite,
  • accountability,
  • shared responsibility,
  • honor,
  • freedom,
  • fun,
  • structure,
  • relief from pain,
  • control,
  • joy,
  • peace,
  • hope, and
  • love.

There are 40 days and 40 nights until the USA election day, and I’m bracing myself for hell, with no end in sight, because of Donald Trump’s hellish words and behaviors

Some of my readers may disagree with what I write, but hell is also a place where no disagreement is allowed. Hell, let’s just agree to disagree, okay? But do I want to hear defenses of Donald Trump these days? Hell, no.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, said a man, and I’m hoping that many scorned women will vote on November 3.

Do you see hell in my latest photos?

Hell is where the adults act like children and the children have to act like adults, and Hell is living near the ocean when climate change deniers are in power.

Here‘s Billie Eilish and her brother FINNEAS performing “All the Good Girls Go to Hell.”

Do I want comments from you, below? Hell, yes.

Hell is a place with no gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these posts every damn day, including YOU!

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25 thoughts on “Day 2824: Hell

  1. Hell is on earth for many. Not an underground inferno, just life. You can be trapped in hell. If find yourself in hell, keep walking. Try to get through hell to the other side. I picture evil clawing at ankles, chains trying to keep you there,sucking you in. One doesn’t emerge unscathed. Unfortunately hell can be created by an individual with zero
    Ethical compass and fueled by the hate of his cult-like disciples and his numerous lackeys. Hard not to feel doomed to hell.

  2. I personally like the quote from The Prophecy (90’s movie): “Hell is not lakes of fire, or a land of ice, it’s bring totally removed from God’s sight. It’s so hard to believe.”

  3. Great post Ann. Hell could be so many things because humans invented it. The dying flower and browned out leaves are very nice, and so is the ocean. Harley, symbol of purity.

  4. Out with Trump? Hell yes!

  5. I enjoyed that song by Billie and Dinners. Nice to have some talented souls around in hard times. Thank you for sharing.

  6. puella33

    Hell, for me is having to live in a place you don’t like.. Hell is a lot of suffering, and I feel it in Washington- I just hope people don’t get ” immuned ” to it and be complacent by not voting. I have been feeling a lot of anger in all this hell, because religious fanaticism should be irrelevant to politics…in most civilised countries women’s issues aren’t even part of politics- it is understood that they have rights. . They don’t have the Pope make decisions for them- so why should a degenerate like Trump have a say????? So this notion of considering a woman who has had 7 kids just tells me that she wasn’t too swift nor responsible., Why would any woman want her as a surpreme court justice??? So, DC is turning this country into Hell right now, a place where I don’t want to be. This country has obsolete views which other countries don’t have, and they’re laughing at us for being so backward…Instead of progressing we are digressing in every possible way…

  7. It used to frustrate me when people would quote Sartre’s line, “Hell is other people,” because Sartre was being ironic. Now I’m not sure. There are so many people in the world who get pleasure from making others miserable. Trump is one of them and, as president, he could use his power to help most people but instead seems to get pleasure from hurting others, or treating the pain of others as unimportant even when he could do something about it.
    Now I think, yes, Hell really is other people.

  8. I think one level of hell is shopping for insurance quotes for eternity. But perhaps I’m influenced by having to do so this week . . . add car shopping in there too.

  9. do you show up here each and every day, asking us questions and challenging us to look at ourselves? hell, yes! p.s. the scotty (scottie?) dog in your pic above at the trumpy house does not look like she agrees with the family’s agenda.

  10. Debbie T

    The water in your photos looks extra choppy today.

  11. I don’t know much about hell but here’s a ‘HELLo, from the other side! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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