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Day 2825: I’m not smiling

I’m not smiling today because

  • the news sucks,
  • I’m overwhelmed at work,
  • difficult people are being difficult (surprise!),
  • the coronavirus epidemic is raging,
  • the U.S. President is raging,
  • disenfranchised people are raging, apparently to little avail,
  • I’m raging,
  • injustice seems out of control,
  • chaos seems to be winning,
  • bureaucracies, including the IRS, are even more impossible to negotiate, and
  • many people I love are not smiling, either.

What does the smiling Daily Bitch have to offer us today?

I’m also not smiling because I had NO TIME to walk yesterday, so here are the only other photos I have to offer:

Even watching the Match Game last night with Michael, Aaron, and Harley couldn’t make me smile.

I am now going to search YouTube for something that will make me smile.

I’m still not smiling. Here’s “Making Strangers Happy (Guaranteed to Make You Smile):

Are you smiling? How about this:

Sometimes, you have to move through the tears to get to the smiles.

It makes me smile to express my gratitude to Stephen Colbert, Mustafa Hussain, Herb Alpert, and everyone else who helps me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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Day 2810: Watch

People who watch this blog may have noticed this watch in yesterday’s post:

That is a Fossil shrapnel-guard watch which reminds me of one of the first watches I ever bought. It mimics World War I watches used when people had to watch out for shrapnel while still needing to watch their watches.

Watch what my mind does when I think about watches with shrapnel guards — “So shrapnel guards helped protect the watches but what about the hand wearing the watch?”

Watch where my mind goes next: “When danger is all around, I guess some protection is better than none.”

Now it’s time to watch what I’ve watched recently through my iPhone:

If you watch this blog carefully, you may know that I use a magic wastepaper basket in my “Coping and Healing” groups. Yesterday, I watched while people in a telehealth group threw worry into my magic wastepaper basket (along with markers that no longer work).

Based on what I’ve watched over the years, worry never helps. If you are worrying, watch it! And watch out for worry about worry, which doesn’t help either.

What are you watching these days? Michael and I are still watching Match Game reruns. I like watching those because it’s a group of funny and spontaneous people who obviously like each other, having a good time. Also host Gene Rayburn reminds me a little of my late father (and if you watch this blog, you know it was my dad’s birthday yesterday).

Here‘s the Match Game episode Michael and I watched last night:

Because I watched some information about that “Trench Hand” episode, I know that viewers joined in the fun by sending in donations, which the show gave to a worthy cause.

I also watch that 1970s U.S. game show with new eyes, based on all that I’ve watched since then.

I’ll be watching for comments from you about this “Watch” post. Watch this space for gratitude, every day!

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Day 2752: Do one thing every day to better yourself

On my staycation this week, I am trying to better myself every day by

  • going on long walks,
  • wearing a mask when I leave the house,
  • appreciating the beauty around me,
  • spending time with my son, who is home from college,
  • getting enough sleep,
  • eating relatively healthily,
  • showing patience,
  • letting go of judgment,
  • being aware of others’ pain and suffering without losing myself in it,
  • taking achievable next steps towards personal and universal goals,
  • coexisting in harmony,
  • speaking up against injustice,
  • expressing my truth,
  • appreciating kindness,
  • taking one day at a time,
  • having fun,
  • listening to music I love,
  • learning new things,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • laughing,
  • crying,
  • watching enjoyable shows and movies on TV,
  • balancing time for myself with connection to others,
  • maintaining healthy boundaries,
  • letting go of whatever is not serving me well,
  • accepting with serenity what cannot be changed,
  • having the courage to change what can be changed,
  • acquiring the wisdom to know the difference,
  • being in the moment, and
  • sharing photographs.

































Our ailing cat Oscar and my husband Michael (who does not like his picture taken) are bettering themselves every day by spending precious moments together.  I better myself every day by listening to Michael, who said about himself earlier this week: “I can talk a dead monkey down from a tree.” I better explain that’s why I took this photo yesterday:


Here‘s “Getting Better” by the Beatles, performed live in 2002 by Paul McCartney and others:

If you were to do one thing every day to better yourself, what might that be?

One thing I do every day to better myself is to express gratitude, so thanks to everybody, including YOU.


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Day 2727: We are what we _____

If we are what we watch on TV, I’m partially old episodes of Match Game, where contestants and celebrities fill in the blank.

For those of you who are drawing a _____ about Match Game, here is a 1980 episode:


How would you fill in the blank in today’s post title: “We are what we _____”?

I might fill in the blank as follows:

  • eat,
  • drink,
  • take in,
  • put out,
  • experience,
  • remember,
  • express,
  • believe,
  • choose,
  • watch,
  • hear,
  • notice,
  • read,
  • say,
  • don’t say,
  • think,
  • feel,
  • do,
  • don’t do,
  • support,
  • vote for,
  • accept,
  • fear,
  • ignore,
  • love,
  • hate,
  • choose,
  • surround ourselves with,
  • think we are,
  • live,
  • leave behind, and/or
  • share with others.






Here‘s “We Are What We Are” from La Cage Aux Folles:

If we are what we feel, I am gratitude, here and now.


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