Day 2826: Running from problems

There’s an overwhelming amount of problems these days, so I understand the wish to be running from them.

The problem is that there is no place to run from problems. No matter where you go, there you — and the problems — are.

If you do run, make sure you wear a mask. Otherwise, you’ll be making problems for everyone.

Let’s see if there’s any running from problems in my latest photos.

Before you run, here is “What if we stopped running away from problems” — a Ted talk by Bekhruz Abdurakhmonov, a young world-class fencer from Uzbekistan, about his experience with adolescent depression.

Consider running to the comments section below for a running commentary about this “Running from Problems” post.

Running toward gratitude is never a problem for me, so thanks to Bekhruz Abdurakhmonov, the Daily Bitch Calendar, Michael for the delicious Mexican lasagna, Harley for not running away, solution-oriented groups, and everyone else who helps me face my problems by writing this blog, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2826: Running from problems

  1. Harley has a great place to hang, no problems, Ann!

  2. i LOVE that first picture of your cat model, harley! he is not running from anything anytime soon. i prefer to walk, rather than run, and it gives me time to calm, restore balance, find peace, and return when ready, when i can face anything head on.

  3. Running from problems to safety with Harley and autumn leaves makes all the sense in the world.

  4. I think I’ll pass on the running. I’ll stand and face any problems!

  5. My head is buzzing now with the idea of stress lobsters. It’s fitting that, at this time of seclusion and quarantine, one thing that definitely helps is physical exercise. Clearly what we should be doing isn’t running from our problems but running because of our problems–because running can make us better.

  6. puella33

    I wish you and everyone a blessed Yom Kippur. You’re right , Ann – there’s no running away this time with the pandemic. Countries closed its boarders. Sometimes I feel anxious, when there’s no way out.. So it’s hard to be a fugitive of our own problems this year.

  7. Sometimes, instead of running from a problem, I like to curl up with it for a while.

  8. I’m trying to run away from my problems but it’s not easy cos they’re stuck with me like postage stamps.

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