Day 2704: I forgot

I forgot why I decided to call this post “I forgot.”

Wait!  I remember.


I forgot to check the celebrity gossip yesterday. I also forgot to share yesterday’s Daily Bitch Calendar.


I forgot to mention that I think there are many delicate balances in life.






I forgot what that off-shore structure was for (if I ever knew), but I didn’t forget to take more photos of it yesterday for the amazing blogger Christopher Waldrop (who mentioned it in a comment about yesterday’s post).

I forgot that we bought a Breaking Bad  hat years ago.


I forgot most of the episodes of Breaking Bad because I binge-watched them so I could watch the final episode with Michael and Aaron.

I forgot that we  bought a silver pen so that the star of Breaking BadBryan Cranston, could sign that hat, but he forgot to come out and meet fans after a performance of the play All the Way in Cambridge before its Broadway opening.  I forgot whether that was the only time he didn’t come out during the Cambridge run of the play, but I think so.

I forgot my cardiologist’s story about meeting Bryan Cranston, but I think it was a good one. (My cardiologist has SO MANY stories and I have so many stories about him.)



I forgot to feel sad about Oscar’s cancer yesterday, because he is doing so well.

I forgot why yesterday was an all-day “New Event” in my calendar.


Don’t forget: every day is an all-day new event.

I forgot whether the rest of my photos from yesterday fit today’s topic.


I forgot to ask a question from that book in my Coping and Healing group yesterday.


I forgot to take off those socks before my Coping and Healing group, but nobody could see them anyway.


I forgot to practice keyboards.


I forgot to read more of that excellent book about how the body remembers trauma.


I forgot how the ocean looks so different, every friggin’ day.


I forgot to remind you how awesome you are.


I almost forgot to share that photo of Michael’s latest cooking masterpiece. I forgot to eat crunchy snacks yesterday because Michael’s vegetables are so satisfyingly crunchy.

I forgot all the details of this old Steve Martin routine.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and I never forget to express my gratitude to all my readers, including YOU.


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26 thoughts on “Day 2704: I forgot

  1. The things you remember you forgot are truly amazing for me to realize, Ann. Have a wonderful Wednesday of discoveries!

    • Thank you for this wonderful comment, Mark! I forgot to respond yesterday but remembered to respond today.

  2. Glad for the book recommendation, glad Oscar is doing well! love to all❤️

  3. I love that the ocean looks different every day, I never forget the sky does too 👌

  4. I forgot who I was [?(・x・。)?] and I’m trying to find myself (❀」╹□╹)」*・ LOL!

  5. I forgot to answer this earlier as I was battling an army of mini-ants. I forgot that sometimes nature is stronger than I am and it really might not choose to cooperate with my plans. I forgot how lucky you are to live near the water, it is a life force, and most of all, I forgot, but I never really knew, that Oscar was part of a friendly cat gang, even if they look fearsome, they do have good hearts.

  6. puella33

    It’s nice that Oscar is doing well. I almost forgot to say thank you for the nice waterfront pictures. Have a nice day, Ann

  7. There’s so much great here, including Oscar doing well, that I’m afraid I’ll forget something, but this has also reminded me of this, which I had forgotten.

  8. I forgot to remember to take my tablets this morning, and then I remembered that I’d forgotten! All’s well that ends well.

  9. I’m really glad that Oscar is feeling a little better. That is wonderful news and I will not forget it.

  10. I often find saying and thinking the words “I forgot” because I forget things all the bloody time which is so bloody frustrating

  11. I forgot Oscar is the love of my life.

  12. I would feel terrible if I forgot to tell you how delightful your blog is every single day, Ann!

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