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Day 2775: Overload

Yesterday, when I was in an elevator at Tufts Medical Center, overloaded with awareness AND worry about being out and about during the coronavirus pandemic, I saw this: These days, we are dealing with an overload of bad news, uncertainty about the future, corruption, lies, trauma, injustice, deaths, and information (which is why I linked […]

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Day 2773: Will to live

Will to live, according to Wikipedia, is a concept developed by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, Will being an irrational “blind incessant impulse without knowledge” that drives instinctive behaviors, causing an endless insatiable striving in human existence, which Nature could not exist without.l In the 2000 Year Old Man, Mel Brooks seems to answer one […]

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Day 2630: Be careful what you wish for

My careful husband Michael, who is all that I could wish for, likes to say, “Be careful what you wish for.” If you wish for a careful definition of that statement, here‘s one: (be) careful what you wish for — idiom Definition of (be) careful what you wish for —used to tell people to think […]

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Day 1732: Got a second?

Got a second? I’d like to tell you about yesterday’s appointment with my cardiologist, Dr. Salem (who is second to none).  While I was waiting several seconds in the exam room for Dr. Salem, I took a second to snap this: Got a second to hear about my conversation with Dr. Salem?  Dr. Salem said […]

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Day 1493: Lists

Yesterday, I made several lists, including: a list of questions to ask my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem, at our appointment today, a list of the roles I occupy in my life, because we were discussing roles in my therapy group yesterday, and a list of the things that make me feel bad, because I was […]

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Day 1375: Band wagon

Time to join the band wagon of Ann’s readers, who are used to seeing her begin posts by defining phrases like “band wagon.” band·wag·on ˈbandˌwaɡən/ noun 1. a wagon used for carrying a band in a parade or procession. 2. a particular activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular. “the local deejays are on […]

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Day 1356: Important

Yesterday, while I was waiting for an important appointment at an important Boston hospital, I saw this important book: After I saw that important book, I saw my important cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem, who thought it important to tell me about two important people fainting when observing open heart surgery. It’s probably important for me […]

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Day 1295: What is heart failure (part 2)?

Four months ago, I wrote a blog post titled What is heart failure?  wherein I defined heart failure, explained that one of my cardiologists, Dr. Mark Estes,  believed I was in heart failure, reported that I did not agree with that diagnosis, tried to de-dramatize the extraordinarily scary term “heart failure,” and suggested the alternative name of […]

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Day 1279: Care

Yesterday, I saw this at a hospital where I receive good care. After I took that photo, I saw a doctor new to me who took care to order blood cultures to rule out endocarditis as the reason for the fevers I’ve been running, call the garage where I had parked my car because I […]

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Day 1263: Voices

Here’s what my voice wants to voice about “Voices” today: I’m trying out for The Voice in New York City this weekend. When I’m in New York, I shall hear the familiar voice of my son Aaron and also the new voice of a blogger whose voice I cherish on WordPress. 49 beautiful voices were […]

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