Day 2401: Rainbows

Rainbows were on my mind, yesterday, and I never quit seeing them, everywhere.

























There were lots of people waiting to pose with that poster of Randy Rainbow after last night’s sold-out show.  Thanks to my wonderful niece, Laura,  for taking that colorful photo.

Here’s Randy Rainbow  singing “BRAGGADOCIOUS!” 

… and “Suckers.”

What kinds of rainbows have you seen lately?

Here’s a rainbow of gratitude for all those who help me create these colorful posts and — of course! — to YOU!


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34 thoughts on “Day 2401: Rainbows

  1. So full of colour

  2. I copied the first image of the unicorn and texted it to our daughter who is having her labor induced this morning, which will result in the birth of their daughter, our first grandchild. I’m sure she will smile when she sees it.

    L’chaim. To life

  3. Love the colors!!! AND Randy Rainbow. How was the show?

  4. I love the Randy Rainbow videos that I’ve seen – always funny yet to the point. How was the show?

  5. Thank you for getting the work week off to such a colorful start, Ann!

  6. A unicorn farting rainbows? How priceless!

    Wishing you a colourful, beautiful as a rainbow kind of day!

  7. Rainbows–including Randy–always make me smile, but something I never realized before is that, even though one rainbow may only be around for a short time there’s always another that will pop up somewhere.

  8. This was a gas – thanks!

  9. I love rainbows, and so like the idea of the unicorn!
    I am currently thinking of Rainbow Bridge at the moment as a friend has just lost her dog.

  10. Maureen

    Until just now I had never heard of Randy Rainbow but for the rest of my life, I will have.

  11. Maureen

    You look like a rainbow superhero with that pose in front of that poster. 🙂

  12. I have always adored rainbows! In my teens I had a prism box, an acrylic thing with colored parts that made different colors when turned this way and that. I haven’t thought of that in years. Thank you!

  13. I absolutely LOVE Randy Rainbow and hope he’ll come to SoCal at some point! He may have at one time, but not since I discovered him. Fun! After a long and difficult month I’m pulling out all the stops on humor input, and just the other day watched most of his more recent videos two and three times! Great post, Ann. I love other rainbows, too, of course…but he may be #1! LOL!

  14. Debbie T

    We saw many rainbow theme signs on our recent stop in Vancouver. I have a whole photo album of them.

  15. Rainbows are so pretty, and can bring a smile to my dial

  16. How did you know our granddaughter was a unicorn trailing rainbows – when she is not a mermaid – but “it’s only pretend”

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