Day 2400: Girls never quit

Yesterday, after spending  time with a wise  girl in her 70s who just won’t quit and who recently received a new diagnosis of a chronic illness,  I saw this:


The girl writing this blog will never quit

  • appreciating others,
  • observing,
  • stopping to smell the flowers,
  • healing,
  • hoping,
  • loving,
  • connecting,
  • renewing,
  • revealing,
  • looking for the beauty in every moment,
  • knowing that life is good,
  • putting herself out there,
  • believing in the power of groups, and
  • taking pictures.

















Those last three photos show my boyfriend who won’t quit until he dismantles and gets rid of that hot tub.

This girl never quits looking for videos that won’t quit, like this one by a girl who never gives up:

I hope you never quit accepting all your feelings, which you are welcome to express in a comment, below.

This girl never quits expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who help me continue creating this blog and — of course! —  to YOU.


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22 thoughts on “Day 2400: Girls never quit

  1. Your Free Fringe poster looks fabulous, Ann. I think it will keep giving you a thrill.

  2. Thank you for never quitting!

  3. I love your Fringe poster, Ann..I sure wish I could go!
    Good luck to Michael. Disassembling a hot tub and removing it seems like a huge job!

  4. I do really appreciate, that you will never quit, dear Ann 🙂
    Great post, as usual. I just love that photo of the paint with the sunflower and the humming bird. This one would look perfect in my home. Beautiful art.

  5. I will never stop believing in you and I want to print your poster for inspiration.

  6. We never quit, you say,mmmmmmm
    Ok I will take your word for it

  7. fruitcrmble

    oh i needed this today – thank you! and also thanks for reminding me to see the beauty and to be grateful.

  8. I love your poster for your show! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  9. This girl keeps on taking good pictures

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  11. Your “never quit” attitude is an inspiration. And one show only? Well, perhaps due to popular demand there might be more!

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