Day 2399: Wise Mind

Wise mind is the intersection, overlap, and integration of reasonable (or logical) mind and emotional (or feeling) mind.


When we’re in wise mind, we’re drawing on BOTH our logical thoughts and our emotions.

I try to be in wise mind as much as possible, including when I’m taking photos.















It’s easier for me to be in wise mind when I get enough sleep, let go of shame, spend time with people I love, and walk near the water.

Here, here, and here are some wise mind videos:

What do your wise minds tell you now, my dear readers?  I look forward to your wise comments, below.

For me, gratitude is always part of wise mind, so thanks to all who helped me create this wise-mind post and — of course! — to YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 2399: Wise Mind

  1. Have a nice weekend Ann from Portugal!!!

  2. Thanks for helping me to remember to stay in the middle, I tend to be ruled by the emotional side and need a bit of the other to stay in balance –

  3. I once heard Edith Bunker used to illustrate the difference between intelligence and wisdom. She may not have had a lot of knowledge but she was still very wise. Now you’ve helped me realize that it was her empathy that made her so wise. Knowledge is a wonderful thing but it’s our feelings that give us the wisdom to apply it in a way that helps others.

  4. I like this😎 thank you wise Ann 💛

  5. Cheers to getting to that special place, Ann.

  6. Thank you for sharing this wise mind information. It’s very useful! And thanks for letting us see your sleep challenges. I woke at about 3:30am today to make a bathroom visit and couldn’t get back to sleep. I read awhile and tried again. No dice. Then I recalled having an espresso drink at about 1pm. That must have been the reason. I meditated, contemplated current struggles, sent reiki energy toward distant loved ones who may be in need. I got out of bed before 9am feeling less than energetic, but the day is unfolding reasonably well anyhow. Trying my brand new Instant Pot for the first time to make steel cut oats. It’s after 12 and I’m still waiting for it to cool down so I can open it!

  7. Great post about living wise, my wise friend 🙂

  8. Sometimes my wise mind is a bit like Oz, with all my thoughts and emotions whirling around, and by breakfast I’m already like one of Dorothy’s witches — lying flattened under the house with her shoes sticking out.

    I need to install an equalizing pressure valve for those days. That seemed to have done the trick in our upstairs shower, at least for the plumbing: now when somebody flushes the toilet elsewhere in the house, the person in the shower doesn’t scream.

    Other days my wise mind works just fine.

  9. What interesting information and videos. I am in rational mind too much and am working to be in wise mind more.

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