Day 2402: Magic is totally real

These socks are totally real


… and so are all these other things I photographed recently, including Michael making a hot tub disappear.




















Michael, who really doesn’t like tilapia, magically transformed that fish into something even he totally liked last night.  The magic ingredients included coconut, ginger, cream, and mango.

I believe that magic is totally real because I’ll be doing a show at the Edinburgh Fringe on August 19.  Here’s the totally real front and back of my flyer:



Here is what I magically find on YouTube when I totally search for “Magic is totally real”:

I’m really looking forward to the magic you totally create in the comments section, below.

My gratitude is totally real, so thanks to all who  helped me magically create today’s daily blog post and — of course! — to YOU, for being totally here, before you disappear.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2402: Magic is totally real

  1. Indeed it’s a magical world Ann. I slept with real faeries when I stayed in Philadelphia during May…..

  2. Michael had to wave a magic wrench instead of wand to make that hot tub disappear. Great work there, Ann.

    Your Free Fringe flyer is totally fantastic! I’d certainly attend if I were on that side of the pond.

    • Michael had to wave a magic reciprocating saw, Mark. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make you appear at my Free Fringe show!

  3. Michael is amazing! The tilapia sauce sounds delicious. (Everything he makes sounds delicious!) And that hot tub looks very hard to disassemble. are you really sure you want to take it down? It could be useful in an earthquake. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s under it. How will you use that space?

    Your blog is always magical, to me.

    • The hot tub has been taken down like magic, Maureen. Soon we’ll have the space to relax on a deck that has lots of shade. Thanks for another magical comment.

  4. I just listened to an episode of The Moth in which Teller, of Penn & Teller, told the story of how a cold that infected his heart led him to a career in magic. Magic is often the art of misdirection, and from the way Michael was dressed in those pictures I thought at first he was going to take a dip in a partially destroyed hot tub. His tilapia recipe sounds like it was also clever use of misdirection, using other ingredients to hide the fish.
    If we just look around it’s surprising how magic is all around us, and I also often think about the time my wife and I saw Penn & Teller live and they were in the lobby talking to people after the show. I wanted to talk to Teller but at the same time I was afraid that if he spoke to me it would break the magic.

  5. Magical post, dear Ann 🙂
    Michael is working magic by that huge job.
    When we believe in magic, magic get space to work.

  6. I love your “Fringe Flyer” and the way you’re introducing yourself and your act. It would certainly capture my attention! Your gift is that you see the magic in so many small things, Ann. Keep putting that magic energy out into the world! And thank you for it. 🙂

  7. I think your circle might have to be bigger than the chairs in the flyer…That hot tub excavation was amazing. You might even say mysterious and magical…

  8. Magic is totally real, indeed, I am a believer

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