Day 2144: Safety

I can safely say that this is my third blog post titled “Safety” (see here and here for the previous two). Each time I’ve posted a “Safety” blog, it’s been preceded by a therapy group where we focused on safety.


Yesterday, somebody in my Tuesday “Coping and Healing” group suggested we choose safety as the focus.  Here’s what I wrote about my personal experience of safety:


 I do my best to create safety in these groups.  There is no such thing as complete or perfect safety. I like the phrase ‘safe enough.”

I understand why safety is such a concern for people. When the environment seems paralyzingly dangerous, I sometimes suggest the helpful phrase “It’s safer than it feels.” Sometimes, however, it’s not safer than it feels.

What are your thoughts and feelings about safety, here and now?

Do you see safety or danger in my other recent photos?






When I search YouTube for “safety”, this is the first thing that comes up:

The California wildfires inspired the group’s discussion of safety, yesterday.

Here‘s “Safety Rap.”

Here’s the 2014 Safety Song Winner:  “I Wanna Be Safe.”

I think we all wanna be safe.

Thanks to all who helped me create this third “Safety” post  and — of course — to YOU.  Stay safe.

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29 thoughts on “Day 2144: Safety

  1. It all comes down to doing the best you can to plan ahead and staying calm enough to act right in the moment.The rest is up to the big “other.” My best guess, anyway, Ann, in these challenging times. My heart goes out to all those who found themselves fighting for their safety.

  2. When people wish me well by saying “safe travels”,all the dangerous possibilities of my adventure away from home slip into conciousness. As if I have any control over my journey, often in the hands of others. Does anyone truly feel safe anymore? The lockdown, “active shooter in the building” drills at the high school were enough to stay with me a long time. Allowing myself to feel vulnerable.

  3. I’m safely back home, after a stay in hospital for a few days. I’m afraid my serious illness problem has not been solved yet. Over the next few days I am being treated at home via “hospital in the home services” receiving my intravenous antibiotics in my house. Quite an interesting and safe process 😊😊😂

    • I’m worried about your serious illness problems, Ivor, but happy that you’re being cared for. I can safely say I’ve had many administrations of intravenous antibiotics at home. I hope you feel much better very soon!

  4. Ain’t nobody gonna get hurt today! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

  5. You are right, it’s not always safer than it seems. I work for a nonprofit trying to get laws and regs changed so our roads are safer. It’s hard work because people feel mostly safe when they’re out there. But they don’t know what’s really happening. If they did, they wouldn’t feel safe at all.

  6. Safety is never assured. One can prepare for a dangerous situation, but it often comes with a surprise “hit” that destroys that safety level. Living in California, where an earthquake, fire,or flood can occur at any time is never safer than it seems.

  7. Perfect safety out in the world may not be possible but I do think we all need a place of our own where we feel safe.
    And with that I think I’ve safely avoided repeating myself as I did two times before.

  8. The avoidance of danger which ensures the best hope of safety is preceded by common sense.

  9. We all want to be safe and safety should be oh so important for all of us,I am now going to safely walk to the bathroom

  10. I bet you felt safe eating that lovely dinner.

  11. I think safety has different connotations in our New Forest than in USA and our inner cities at the moment.

  12. I love your posts

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