Day 2143: Perfect servings

Yesterday, I saw this sign of perfect servings:


Here are some non-perfect servings of my thoughts about that:

  • Who got to register the trademark of “”Perfect Servings”? Are they the only ones allowed to claim perfect servings now?
  • Every morning, I work to create a perfect-enough serving of words, images, and music to share here on WordPress.
  • This week was Veterans Day, honoring those who have served to perfect and preserve our freedoms.
  • Even though I believe that most people are wonderful, some people serving my country in leadership roles are as far from perfect as  I have ever witnessed.
  • I see myself as serving the patients at the hospital and often tell them, “I work for you.”   Those verbal servings are my attempt to perfect, adjust, and challenge the power differential in medical systems.
  • So many firefighters and other first responders are desperately serving in California, right now.
  • I’m still trying to perfect my photography skills, so I can present perfect servings of recent pictures:



Here‘s a perfect serving of Neil Young, whose birthday was yesterday:

Finally here’s a perfect serving of thanks for all those who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.




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14 thoughts on “Day 2143: Perfect servings

  1. Thanks to you too.

  2. Your helpings are just right, Ann. Thank you today and every day.

  3. Perfect servings for me include lots of chillis

  4. You’ve perfectly served up Neil Young whose words, “He only gave us the good things/so we’d understand/What life without them would be” are very wise. Sometimes we only appreciate a feast after a famine.

  5. What one person thinks is a perfect servings is anything but for other people

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  7. Here’s the purrfect serving just for you. ~(=^‥^)_旦~

  8. I have never heard that Neil Young song, at least as far as I can recall. Thoughtful lyrics. Good pick.

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