Day 1519: The Oscars

I watched the Oscars yesterday.

I also watched Oscar yesterday.






Oscar watched the Oscars, Harley, and me.

I also watched all these things yesterday:




















Do any of those pictures deserve Oscars?

Jackie Chan got an Oscar!  Here he is, singing a song:

I would give everybody Oscars, including you for being here, now.

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49 thoughts on “Day 1519: The Oscars

  1. “Free smells”….from Jimmy John’s?

  2. The winner is, Ann Koplow. Really.

  3. Is Oscar looking a little down?

  4. I had an Oscar cat once, in the late 80s. He looked quite a lot like your other cat. I also had a George that looked like your Oscar. They hung out together. I did not watch the Oscars because I’m on vacation and there’s no TV here. I thought about looking online to see the dresses because that’s the only part I find interesting, but I probably won’t. Vacations are about not doing stuff. At least this one is.

  5. free smells? good the teabag quote

  6. Great pictures today and love Jackie Chan! Oscar watching Oscars. If he’d been in the wings, he would have kept things running smoothly.
    Oh well. Certainly an exercise for the emotions. I think we should all get Oscars for hanging in there for 3 hours! Enjoy your day.

  7. Warren’s greatest performance 🙂

  8. I think “Exist, express, breathe” may be my new life motto.

  9. Those dresses! Makes me wish I had a fancy occasion to attend!

  10. I like that octopus hanging!

  11. Oscar’s the philosopher!

  12. No Oscar watching for me, no time for such things

  13. Your cats deserve an Oscar. I could watch mine all day long. Sometimes I do. 😆💖

  14. I accept this honor with gratitude and smiles. 🙂

  15. The octopus gets the Oscar! Or maybe that boatneck dress with the flower embroidery down the sides…

  16. Your blog sparkles more than any Oscar for me

  17. Dan deserves an Oscar, he made me laugh out loud!!

  18. I would give your blog an Oscar if I could! And I’d give some sort of handyman advertising award to ththe guy who thought up that lawnmower poster!

  19. I always look forward to your pics.

  20. “Self-reliance” is the greatest art, but Jackie Chan is a close second. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and Oscar looks much like my young Sigma did. Cute and sweet and lovely. Sigma’s 17 years old now and is more of a cranky butt-hole, but I could do better without shoes than without him.

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