Day 1518: Left the house before I felt ready

Yesterday, I left the house before I felt ready but not before I was ready to put on this t-shirt:


Sometimes we leave the house before we feel ready.

Sometimes people leave our house before we feel ready.

Whether we feel ready or not, we need to  move on.

Do you feel ready for other photos that are left on my phone?
























Ready or not, here comes Ms. Lauryn Hill!


Before you’re ready to leave my blogging house today, here’s a well-deserved thank you.


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41 thoughts on “Day 1518: Left the house before I felt ready

  1. I’m ready. . . Ready to find the nearest Johnny Rockets and work on my low cholesterol levels.

  2. I’m reading your blog before my eyes feel ready, as often happens. But I am thinking deep thoughts and wondering deep wonders and I think I will hold all my questions and concentrate on sending you peace and energy.

  3. OH I’m ready, Ann, for whatever this day brings my way! My fav picture is I LOVE YOU. I smiled and felt a glow in my Heart! (((HUGS))) ❤

  4. My favourite picture is the second one of the river, from the balcony. Is this the Charles?

  5. “I left the house before I felt ready” is really interesting, because it has happened to me. The camel is brilliant!

  6. ready set 😁

  7. Are we really every “ready” for anything? I doubt it. But we do things anyway. I, too, liked the camel. AND the big wooden spider. You live such an interesting life!

  8. You may not have felt ready to leave your house, but I’m sure you met the day with a smile Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  9. “…till your dream comes true”…like maybe a magical congress ??

  10. Just as I’m always certain of my uncertainty the one thing I’m always ready for is knowing I won’t be ready for whatever comes next, but it helps to know even kings sometimes have that problem.

  11. This was such a happy post but what popped into my head when I read the first few lines was sometimes people leave us before we are ready, and moving on without them is not so easy. I suppose you could build an entire group session around that one. 🙂

  12. I try not to leave the house before I am ready but like everyone there has been times when I am half way down the street and have to turn around because I left the house before I was truly ready and those times suck

    • I have those sucky times — when I need to turn around and go back for something — almost every day. Thanks for being ready with another great comment, Joanne.

  13. Ready or not….I get going. 😉

  14. I need that t-shirt. Thanks for the chuckles. It’s really been a while since I saw a ninja turtle.

  15. I got a sense of profound thoughts as well as a hint of humor from you. Good post!

  16. For obvious reasons, Raphael is my fave turtle. I love those workers on the crane photo, either because or despite my fear of heights

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