Day 1465: Malware Where?

Yesterday morning, I asked the blogging question  Why Should I be Afraid?  Last night, right before I planned to go to sleep, I’m afraid I downloaded some malware from out there here onto my laptop.

Should I be afraid of malware?  I am, so I spent hours eradicating it here when I should have been asleep there on my pillow.

Malware was here, there, and everywhere. Today, I’m trying to feel safe enough here on this computer.

Likewise,  evil is here, there, and everywhere. Today, I’m trying to feel safe enough here on this earth.

I hear myself say, here and now,  that goodware and good people are also here, there, and everywhere. So  I believe I am safe enough here, in this moment.

Music is here, there and everywhere.

Malware is to share  but  — as Paul tells us there —  love is to share, also.

New photos where?  They’re there on my iPhone, here on my laptop, and now everywhere, shared on the internet.







Change you can wear is where?   As I’m writing this, it’s in my drawer.  Soon, I’ll be wearing it there to work.

Here’s hoping for comments  here, there, and everywhere.

My thanks to all the good people who helped me create this blog post and to all you good people are where?



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32 thoughts on “Day 1465: Malware Where?

  1. Sounds like a plan!

  2. Malware can be very annoying Ann. I suppose, that you just found yourself a good antimalware program?

    • I got rid of the malware last night without the use of a program, Irene. Today, two of my readers recommended the same antimalware program — malwarebytes — so I did use that later. So glad to see you here!

  3. So sorry to hear about your malware episode, and how it kept you from tucking into bed as you’d have preferred to do. Good to hear you took care of it. I once had to scrap an older laptop when that happened, but first I took it to the Geek Squad and they extracted all my documents and photos before removing the hard drive and giving to me, and throwing the rest in the dumpster. I ran over the Brad drive with my car, hit it with a hammer, and threw it in the garbage can. That casserole looks divine!

  4. How can we make the world safer with a nutcase (and his mean peeps) in charge? Help!
    I look forward to your song!

  5. ‘Goodware’ — you are definitely that, and may we all strive to be so. I hope you get more sleep tonight, Ann, and dream of water.

  6. When I first got email I received a message warning me that if I got a message with the subject “Good Times” I should not read it. Reading it, according to the warning, would unleash a virus that would erase my hard drive, melt my monitor, puncture my tires, go to my house, and break all my toys. At the time this was impossible. The IT people told me the only way I could get a virus from an email is if someone sent me an attachment and I opened it.
    But I still got warnings about the “Good Times” virus forwarded to me for years. Finally someone said, “Hey, the email itself is the virus.” It wasn’t destructive but it was annoying and as long as people took it seriously it would replicate.
    Malware doesn’t just affect computers. It has a psychological effect too. It caused you to lose sleep and a lot of stress. Even if you only thought your computer had malware it would have the same effect.
    In your work as a therapist you help treat, and try to prevent, the damage caused by mental malware.

  7. I run a Mac and malware is still a problem tho most is written for PCs. I run Malware Bytes for Mac and it works pretty good.

  8. Why do people do that? I will never understand. I can understand hacking into systems as a form of cyber warfare — it’s not random (I wouldn’t do it — couldn’t do it, but I can understand the motivation). But just letting something loose that will impact people is just juvenile.

    Love the song — I can’t play it while at work, but I can in my mind 😉

  9. I have malware protection in the form of Malwarebytes thanks to my son in-law Michael who isn’t really my son in-law since he isn’t married to my daughter.

  10. How I long for the days when an unanswered phone simply meant no one was home. So, go about your business and try later. No answering machines, no caller ID, no emails, no texts, no voice mail. Malware cannot cause concern or fear on an un-answerable phone.

  11. Hope you are all sorted out. It’s annoying and worrisome. I think you handled it well but not worth losing sleep over. Clear skies ahead!

  12. I’m married to an IT tech which make my life much easier when it comes to things like virus’ and malware. I highly suggest everyone marry one.

    • I used to be married to a computer programmer. Now I do this stuff myself. As always, it’s great to see you here, Bradley!

  13. It’s best to beware

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