Day 1466: Adulting

Yesterday, I saw a sign that made me aware that a new word is being used out there.


As an adult, I instantly decided what “adulting” meant.

What do you think “adulting” means?  And do you agree that adulting is hard?

Personally, I find it hard when people in charge are not adulting.

Is there adulting in my photos from yesterday?





















That last adulting photo reminds me of this famous scene from the movie Casablanca, where many people are adulting.


Adulting and adulating thanks to all who helped me write this post and to you — of course! — for adulting yourself over here, now.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1466: Adulting

  1. This was a new one for me- I looked it up and it was the word of the year apparently- noun turned to verb- who knew? Thanks for the heads up Ann- sometimes I’m not so into adulting though- it’s more fun to be a kid!

  2. Huh, a new word that some adults need to learn. Adulting. And look at that. Spell check doesn’t agree with me that adulting is a real word. Even spell check needs a lesson in adulting. That’s three times I had to go back to spell THE word in discussion here. LOL LOVE your images, Ann!!! ❤

  3. Cocoa cherry cookies with SPINACH???

  4. I can’t decide whether adulting is hard because I’m not sure what adulting is. I look to my fellow adults but I hear a lot of criticism of the millenial generation, which seems to me very childish. Apparently they’ve forgotten that our generation–and for that matter the generation before, and probably every generation back to the beginning of civilization–got a lot of the same criticisms from adults.
    An important part of adulting should be remembering that we were all young once.

  5. I hear grad students use this all the time, often to refer to basic housekeeping tasks.

  6. I hate adulating. I want to live on the edge and be a free spirit.

  7. Adulting. Parenting. Hmmm… I think this word was made up because someone couldn’t find the right word or words…I do like that singing scene.

  8. “Adulting”
    Adult as a verb, as in adulting
    ‘To ‘adult’ is to behave like an adult, specifically to do the things that an adult is expected to do.

    It’s also common as a gerund—that is, in the form adulting as a noun, as in “Adulting is hard” or “I’m not very good at adulting.”- Merriam-Webster

  9. This adult likes the selfsnowing snow globe musical Christmas clock! And our Daisy was fascinated by the photo of the black kitty in the cage. She hopes he is adopted very soon! He looks just like her.

  10. Tell the truth, I get tired of adulting after a while! Lets hear it for playing until dark then coming home to a meal cooked and waiting for you! Then make me go to bed at 8:30!

  11. Adulting is hard. But I would never wish to go back.

  12. I think it’s up to us to ensure that it’s not a dul’ t’ing

  13. If as children we understood how hard being an adult is we wouldn’t be in a hurry to grow uo

  14. Our Blog is all about adulting! We aim our posts at teenagers and younger adults and let them know that they’re not alone in trying to ‘adult’. Love this post.

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