Day 3552: Wall hangings

Yesterday, I was talking about wall hangings with Matthew …

… while he was taking x-rays of my teeth at Beacon Hill Dental Associates. Matthew told me that after considering other possible wall hangings for his home, he decided to frame this panoramic view of his teeth …

… and hang that up on his wall. That wall hanging reflects Matthew’s creativity and his obvious love for his work.

Do you see possible wall hangings in my other images for today?

Today’s list of National Days would make a very long wall hanging.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “wall hangings.”


Many thanks for reading this “Wall Hangings” post and for hanging around with me here.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3552: Wall hangings

  1. I think that’s a happy journey for the wires from pole to pole and I hope the pruned tree remains satisfied, too, Ann!

  2. Luis Luis Del Castillo

    Sorry I missed you!!!

  3. Most of my wall hangings are framed artwork. Prints, a few original paintings, and a few of my favorite photos. There’s also a nautical chart and a display thingy with cubbies holding several little teapots. I’m not much for hanging fiber art, but my tastes are ever evolving. I love how your photos are filled with beauty of all sorts, interesting things, and gratitude. Happy Equinox!

  4. I really like Matthew’s shirt. And his taste in wall hangings. I have a kit to build a clock that someday I hope to complete and hang on the wall.

  5. Your photos are beautiful and I think it’s because of the lighting.

    My broom hangs on my kitchen wall.

  6. Wonderful photos as always, Ann. My husband is a photographer, so we have lots of original prints hanging on our walls, as well as oil paintings from an array of New England artists. ☺️

  7. those chocolates would go right in my mouth and never make it to the wall!

  8. I think the “Happy Journey” is an appropriate wall hanging for you, Ann. ❤️

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