Day 3553: Distance

Here and now, I’m trying to gain some distance from

Today’s Daily Bitch has something to say about distance …


… and so do many other notable people:

I take a little distance from things by blogging, accepting all my feelings, and sharing images like these:

I will try to gain some distance by letting stress and worry fade away for the day.

Also, I didn’t walk any distance at all yesterday because of bad weather and a VERY long work day. Today, I will walk my usual distance around home.

Here’s what I’ve been hearing in my head as I’ve been going the distance creating this “distance” post:

From a distance, I hope you can feel my gratitude for YOU.

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11 thoughts on “Day 3553: Distance

  1. So much to think about distance, Ann, there and here! Happy Friday morning to you there, from here.

  2. Somehow, while recovering from a serious health scare and absorbing the loss of a colleague, you created a moving post filled with powerful, portable bridges for crossing that infinity that separates us. Thank you.

    Reading some of the quotes you included caused me to reflect on distance. And I recalled that there is always a distance between the moon and the earth, even though gravity is powerful and pulls at the moon. The moon doesn’t resist; it is always falling and velocity keeps it from reaching earth. That distance is important to their relationship, even essential. Even so, the moon is moving away from earth a tiny bit every year and yet, depending on other influences like the sun, the moon and earth may one day collide. Nobody knows.

    Distance is a mystery that can also make closeness possible. Thank you for your wise words. I hope your worries subside.

  3. We’ve gotten a lot closer to distance over the past few years but it’s also been a chance to get closer to our pets.

  4. Agreed.. and our plants.

  5. you are clearly ‘going the distance’ with all you’ve overcome

  6. I hope as you move some distance from your medical event you’ll be more at peace. And I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your coworker. Very hard. 😢

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