Day 3338: Chores

It’s no chore for me to blog every day and here’s a definition of “chore.”

My husband, Michael (who does almost all the chores around here) and I sometimes discuss what chores we dread. He dreads the chore of taking out the garbage and I dread the chores of being on call at work, doing our taxes, and testing my blood every other week because I take the anticoagulant Coumadin. We both dread the chore of taking either of our cats to the vet.

Last night, I asked this question on Twitter:

I phrased the question that way because a few people have let me know that they find my Twitter questions a chore. I look forward to reading all the answers to that question, which will be no chore at all.

My niece Julie McGrath has said this about chores: “Try changing I HAVE to do this to I GET to do this!” Using Julie’s advice, I’ll say this: I get to check my blood INR today!

I also get to share all these quotes about chores with you, plus other random images.

Today I get to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, which is no chore at all.

If it’s no chore, please leave a comment below.

Now I get to express my thanks to all who get to do chores and who read my blog, including YOU!

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22 thoughts on “Day 3338: Chores

  1. Neither of us like ironing.

  2. Paying bills is a chore 😂

  3. OK, Ann, I’ll buy in on Julie’s suggestion. I get to rise earlier than I normally would to feed and let cherished rescue mutt Ellie B out to do her first backyard thing each day!

  4. My favourite pastime is cooking. What’s chores?

  5. puella33

    I dislike throwing the trash and sweeping

  6. I liked Joan’s response. She doesn’t find keeping her paws clean a chore.

  7. I love to cook and wash dishes, but not dry them. I have not ironed anything in years. dread taking the cats to the vet because they get so upset. other than that, nothing bothers me too much.

  8. I had almost forgotten the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books by Betty McDonald. The first one opens with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle teaching a young girl to make cleaning the kitchen fun by turning it into a game. It’s a clever idea but I think I’ll always dread clearing leaves away from the house.

  9. Housework is iterative. I always remind myself of that when I’ve cleaned and then, somehow mysteriously, a chunk of mud appears on the carpet…

  10. Don’t mind dishes, laundry or housekeeping, but I HATE cleaning the stove and washing the cars…

  11. I admire your posting schedule, Ann, and admire even more that you don’t find it a chore. You are a gift to those of us who enjoy stopping by!

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