Day 3277: What I’ve been writing

What I’ve been writing includes several new songs, like “Spoiler Alert” and “Forgettable.” What I’ve been writing for song lyrics over the years usually reflects my optimistic nature; however, these are the darker words I’ve been writing this morning:

I’m Afraid to Look

I’m afraid to look at the ocean for fear that it’s dying

I’m afraid to look at the earth but I can’t look away.

I’m afraid to look at myself in the mirror

And afraid to look at my friends for what their faces might say.

© Ann Koplow, 2021

Perhaps what I’ve been writing for that song is influenced by the darkness of the winter solstice and by what others are writing about the future.

What I’ve been writing also includes these Tweets:

What I’m writing could never compare to the stories people are discussing on that Twitter thread about stories they liked when they were kids. But as I’ve written on this blog many times, comparisons are the most toxic of all the cognitive distortions (which I’ve written about, here).

What I’m writing, here and now, is this blog post, so it’s time to share my latest photos.

What the Daily Bitch is writing there reminds me of the series “Landscapers,” which has some of the best writing for any television show I’ve seen.

A search for “What I’ve been writing” on YouTube yields this TED talk about reading and writing.

I hope that what you’ve been writing includes a comment, below. And whether it does or doesn’t, many thanks for all who read what I’ve been writing, including YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 3277: What I’ve been writing

  1. I think Manchin said he was thinking that people would use childcare money to buy drugs and use paid leave time to go hunting. I think that he is not thinking anywhere near what is true.

  2. How nice of one of the cats to leave you a ball to play with while you exercise!

  3. “The Little engine That Could” was my favorite book as a little kid, though “Pokey the Puppy” was right up there.

    As for what Manchin is thinking, I’d like to know myself. There are RINOs and there clearly are DINOs, and Manchin seems to be one of the latter.

  4. I’m more interested in Jacqueline Woodson’s thoughts about reading slowly. She reminded me of one of my college professors who said, “I can never read for more than two hours because my lips get tired.” And he’d purposely limit the amount of reading he assigned because he didn’t want us to skim or skip over words. Reading slowly is important.

  5. I still can’t believe Harley’s diverse background. Now it seems there’s a bit of Buddhism also, and now Joan is also getting into it.

  6. Please keep writing on, Ann.

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