Day 3278: Is this a scam?

Is this a scam to ask if you worry about scams?

Personally, when I (1) receive anxiety-provoking emails, (2) encounter salespeople, or (3) need some sort of repair service, I can easily ask myself “Is this a scam?” It’s not a scam for me to tell you that I think about scams often and with increasing frequency.

On the other hand, some people seem to wonder if I am a scam. I notice that especially on social media.

Well, with all the confusion, distrust, and lack of control we are experiencing these days, if you wonder “Is this a scam?” you are definitely not alone.

Is this a scam for me to share these images with you today?

People might wonder “Is this a scam?” about those National Days. For example, is somebody trying to sell me date nut bread today?

If you search YouTube for “Is this a scam?” you’ll find many videos, including this one:

It’s not a scam for me to ask for comments, below, or for me to express gratitude to you!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3278: Is this a scam?

  1. It is certainly necessary to question one

  2. Sadly all of the scammers have just added to global mistrust. If only they would put the same effort into legitimate business schemes then they could help to fix the inequities that abound.

  3. Sometimes I think the very nature of the world we’ve created encourages scams. There’s an old saying that if you steal one dollar you’re a thief but if you steal a million you’re a businessman.

  4. It’s hard to imagine anyone thinking that you were a scam, and. But that makes me wonder, if you were a scam, what kind of scam would you be?

    It looks like the work on your house necessitated by the shower damage is significant. They’ve made a lot of progress or else they are already finished. I hope your anxiety levels are greatly reduced once the shower repair is done.

    We have water coming in through a bedroom ceiling on the main floor again, likely a problem with our less than 10-year-old roof. 5 years ago that same ceiling collapsed due to a problem with the roof. I really wish water would stay where we want it to, but it does have an explorer spirit.

    • Thank you for your always insightful and helpful thoughts, Maureen. And your questions! If I were a scam, I would be somebody who asks a lot of questions in order to get important information that could be used in a hurtful way. However, I am 100% NOT a scam. It seems as though some people on Twitter have encountered scammers like that, and they therefore suspect me. Bad experiences can permeate good structures and cause damage, just like water can. And thank you for that phrase “explorer spirit” — I love it! 💕💕

      • I often read your questions on Twitter and you do not look the least bit like somebody who wants to hurt people, to me.

  5. I have been the recipient of a recent email scam from a Russian site trying to blackmail me for 3,200 or they will expose me to all of my contacts for watching or starring in (not sure which) a porn site they are connected to. I can’t wait to see what this may be!

  6. The portrait of Joan is excellent and that is no scam.

  7. It does seem that scams are abundant these days, and Florida appears to be rife with them. Always have to be on the lookout. Would NEVER think you were a scam, Ann! You are the real deal. 😌

  8. First we worried that emails were scams. Now we worry that texts are scams. They tell us evil-doers are working hard to hack our systems. Yet people offer tips to make things easier and call them ‘life hacks.’ Yes, Ann, I am suspicious every ding dong day.

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