Day 3052: Do you feel like people get you?

Yesterday, I asked this question on Twitter:

Apparently a lot of people got that, as you can see by all the retweets, quote tweets and likes I got, which I usually don’t get.

Very soon, a Lyft driver is going to get me and take me to the airport for my flight to Nashville, so I’m sure people will get me if I publish a short post today.

Do people get my activity on Twitter yesterday?


People didn’t seem to get me there. Maybe more people will get my photos.

I get the Daily Bitch and sometimes I feel like the Daily Bitch gets me.

I wonder if friends, enemies, or anybody else will get me at the Open Mic tonight at the Tennessee Brew Works between 6 – 8 PM. I hope somebody who gets or doesn’t get me will record the performance, so I can share it tomorrow with people who get me here.

By the way, whenever I pack for a trip, I feel like I’m forgetting something important. Do you get that? It helps to remember that whatever I forget, I’ll be able to get it in Nashville.

When I search YouTube for “Do you feel like people get you?” I get this:

I get it now that I am NOT a highly sensitive person. But I feel like I get others who are.

Do you feel like I get you when I end each blog post with gratitude for YOU?

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17 thoughts on “Day 3052: Do you feel like people get you?

  1. Some people sometimes, Ann.

  2. I am afraid I’ll miss your Nashville Debut at Brew Works tonight, as it is my best friend’s birthday and we’re going out for it. I think Nashville will get you, at least, most of Nashville. Keep us posted!!

    • I’m sorry you missed it but I totally get you celebrating with the person who best gets you! Nashville did seem to get me at the Open Mic and you can get details in today’s post.

  3. Have a great time! When you get home, watch for those yellow needles growing from what seems to be a ‘Bright Gold Japanese Yew’ as opposed to a ‘Podocarpus Yew Pine’. Each needle is golden yellow in spring with a green striation. Some are from the ‘Taxus’ genus as opposed to ‘Podocarpus’ species and are evergreen woody plants (from the pine family), I’ve been learning about these plants which are Asian in origin but are used ornamentally all over the U.S..

    Do you feel like people get you, well no. Thinks of the nice things in life. Have a good time.

    • Now I get a whole lot more about my local plants in Boston, thanks to you, Maria. I’m so glad to get this comment.

  4. I meant ‘Think of the nice things in life’ but in Moderation. Always in ‘Moderation’ because humans need that the most.

  5. puella33

    I’m happy for you, Ann, Enjoy your trip

  6. I’m afraid I’ll also miss your Nashville Brew Works debut but I look forward to seeing you soon, and I really like the idea of heavy beer. In fact I happen to have a Scottish style of ale known as “wee heavy” in the pantry right now, and I think the makers of it should give you credit for the idea.

    • I get that you give me credit, Chris, and that’s enough for me. I’m so glad I get to meet you tonight.

  7. not everyone will ever get everyone. and that’s okay. hope it went swimmingly on stage for you.

  8. You’re accumulating a Twitter following, one Tweet at a time, Ann. I love reading the threads.

    Some people get me, and they’re a treasure. Many more, some whom I’ve known for decades, clearly do not. I hang in there anway!

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