Day 3053: Best strangers

While I was waiting for my driver yesterday morning to take me to Boston’s Logan Airport, I got these notifications about best strangers from Lyft:

The concept of “best strangers” is no stranger than anything else that is happening during these stranger times. Also, it felt stranger to me to be traveling to Nashville on my own, but so far I have met many best strangers here.

That’s my Lyft driver in Nashville, John, who was a best stranger in so many ways. He thought my song “Everybody’s Somebody’s Asshole,” was great, and he didn’t seem to think that it was stranger of me to sing it for him before my Open Mic last night. He also predicted that I wouldn’t want to leave Nashville on Thursday and, believe me, I’ve heard stranger predictions.

Here are two best strangers at the Graduate Hotel in Nashville — Alyssa and Luke.

Best stranger Luke showed me a photo of best dog Skippy.

At the Open Mic at the Tennessee Brew Works last night, I met best strangers Tio and Laura.

Tio and Laura also performed at the Open Mic and they were the best! Note that they both worked on creating Tio’s best jacket.

Tio and I were best strangers for each other when we recorded each other’s performances. Here’s mine, with lots of background noise from many best strangers.

Gracie, who was the best M.C. of the best Open Mic I’ve ever seen, told me she spent four years in Boston as a student at Berklee, which I didn’t find strange at all.

Do you see other best strangers in my other best photos from yesterday?

It’s crazy how many best strangers there are out here.

Don’t be a stranger; please leave best and/or stranger comments, below.

Gratitude makes any best stranger into a good friend, so thanks to all who read my best AND stranger blog posts, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3053: Best strangers

  1. Quite an adventure Ann ❣️congratulations 🎊 in getting out of your comfort zone with so many strangers😎

  2. Here’s to best strangers quickly becoming good and familiar, Ann.

  3. I love the idea of best strangers. Thanks!

    That was a terrific and energized performance, Ann. I enjoyed it thoroughly. You looked to be enjoying yourself, too, and from their applause at the end of each song, so was the audience. Wonderful!

    Hope you have a day today that is at least as good.

  4. A good time was had by all best strangers, including Richard Branson, who appeared to be sitting behind Tio!

    • “Richard Branson”, despite being pretty drunk and a stranger, wished me the best for my performance before he left.

  5. puella33

    I love the sculpture of the man at the piano. Are those bomb sniffing dogs at the Nashville airport? I don’t remember ever seeing them at Logan.
    It’s strange, but I think most friendships start of as best strangers. I’m glad you made it to TN, Ann

    • I’ve never seen them before either, but that dog was sniffing everybody at Logan yesterday. Thanks for another lovely comment.

      • puella33

        Oh, it was at Logan, I thought it was in TN.

  6. That’s a lot of pictures! That’s a lot of fun! You are so enjoyable to read — bet you’d be enjoyable to hang out with, too!

  7. You’ve already made it to some of my favorite Nashville spots and I’m so happy you’re having a good time. You never need to lower my expectations, and I was especially tickled during your performance of “I Left The House Before I Felt Ready” to hear some say, “We made it this far!”

    • Someone also yelled out “beach!”when I sang, “Do something productive or go to the beach?” which I thought was the best. I have high expectations for our dinner this evening.

  8. I’m all about best strangers and I’m happy you crossed paths with so many of them, because you are one yourself. isn’t Nashville a wonderful city and so full of life and hope?

  9. I love your performance, Ann. What an exciting performance city! 🙂 I may have you on a technicality here, but I’m not convinced that you have EVER met a stranger! You make friends on the spot!

  10. I like all the Pop Art in your hotel room and it’s all so full of style. I don’t know who invented ‘Best strangers’ but it’s not as cliché as ‘best friends’ so I like it more. Imagine a statue of Harley there. I know. He’s better flesh & blood.

  11. carol

    Glad you got to sing the open mike, Ann! xoxo

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