Day 2827: Where we headed? I don’t know!

Today’s title is brought to you by this greeting card, which I saw after we headed over to Whole Foods Market to get I-don’t-know how many provisions for the week ahead:

Those women look pretty happy and I am trying to adopt their attitude as we head into the final phases of the USA election campaign season. Where is my country headed? I don’t know!

Where we headed in this blog post? You might know that lots of other photos are coming your way. How many? I don’t know!

I don’t know where that photo montage is heading, here and now, because WordPress seems stuck in a loop uploading so many photos. The last photo uploaded is a Halloween picture, so maybe WordPress is scared! I don’t know, but I can relate.

In the meantime, I’m heading over to YouTube to look for I-don’t-know-what video to insert in this post.

Here‘s Snarky Puppy featuring Jacob Collier and sousaphone player Big Ed Lee from the Soul Rebels performing “Don’t You Know.”

Don’t you know that I was looking forward to seeing Jacob Collier live in May, 2020? When will I be able to see him? I don’t know! I’m just glad I can share his music with you here.

Where we headed? I do know! We’re heading toward gratitude to all who help me head over to WordPress every day with my head, heart, and soul to create this blog, including YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 2827: Where we headed? I don’t know!

  1. I didn’t know where you were heading but Jacob Collier was a good destination!

  2. I love all the rocks with the inspiring messages!

  3. puella33

    I like that cover photo of the 2 friends, for even though they don’t know where they’re heading , they know they will safely reach a destination together. Contrary to now, we don’t know where we;re headed, we can only hope and vote as though our life depended on it, because it literally does. Then we can have fun like the two women above in the cover photo, and enjoy the ride. Have a nice day, Ann

    • I don’t know where my head was in September, Maureen, that I missed responding to your comment with this great Bowie song. Maybe I was under too much pressure.

  4. I don’t know where anything’s headed either but I have hopes that in a little over a month things will change direction to something better.

  5. I’m feeling a bit better knowing the election is on, that this mess will resolve itself sooner, now, if not immediately. Yes, I hope the turnout is phenomenal and conclusively establish who the next President is. Yes, I hope the Senate changes hands and the House stays with the same party. Yes, I hope the start of healing begins on 20 January 2021. Yes, I hope the current President heads for Moscow, where he will be welcome and safe from his legal issues. He deserves to be in exile, venerated by those who values his values. One can dream! Exile is better than locking him up. We don’t have to house and feed him that way.

    • I hope the same, my friend.

      • I got my ballot in yesterday’s mail, completed it, and mailed it. After seeing the “debate”, I know my choice was the right one. Gad!

    • I like that solution to this mess we’re in with this current regime: Yes, exile in Russia. Good idea!

      • I don’t know where my head was in September, Jan, that I missed your forward-looking comment. Thanks for all your good ideas!

      • Well, finally we know the results today. Thank God for answered prayers! Now, if we can reign in the rhetoric for the next two months and then work to find a more central position in the new year so our country can unite and heal while our former leader enjoys some respite in Russia or N. Korea, then I think we can see a light at the end of this dark tunnel! Thanks, Ann, for your insight. ❤

      • Thank you for your enlightening insight, Jan.

  6. Haha…Where we headed? I don’t know. Love that card. Hell yeah! Who cares about the destination. Just enjoy the ride! ( ᐛ )و

  7. I do hope you get there

  8. Let’s get there safe somehow, Ann.

  9. Where we headed, only Harley knows.

  10. we are headed – onward. love your tiger band, look like a jazzy duo to me.

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