Day 2802: Suggested Locations

Apparently, my iPhone calendar makes suggested locations for events. Let’s see if I can locate any proof of that kind of suggested location.

I did spend my vacation day yesterday in the suggested location and in other locations very close to the suggested location.

I made sure to be in locations last night to see the full Corn Moon. My first photo, located above, suggests that I was thinking about the Corn Moon all day.

Before I took the last photo located above, I passed by some young neighbors I hadn’t met before, located outside their home. Here’s what transpired at that location, as I walked by with a mask located on my face.

Them: Hello!

Me: Have you seen the moon?

(pause) (during which some thoughts like “how weird am I?” located themselves in my head)

Neighbor: The Corn Moon?

Me: Yes! It’s beautiful.

After I continued on my way to locate the Corn Moon at the end of our street and then turned back, I saw that my young neighbors had followed me to locate the beautiful moon too.

Then, I returned to the suggested location to finish rewatching the Fred Rogers documentary  “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

I wish that somebody like Fred Rogers was located in the White House and I plan to make my best suggestion about that with a future vote in a suggested location.

Today, my suggested locations include home and near home, again, and all suggestions indicate that those will be my suggested locations for quite some time.

Let’s see what YouTube suggests for this “Suggested Locations” post.

There are so many places that I am not allowed to visit these days, but I still love being in my suggested location.

The suggested location for you to express thoughts and feelings about today’s post is in the comments section, below.

The suggested location for gratitude is anywhere and everywhere, so thanks to all, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2802: Suggested Locations

  1. The corn moon is gorgeous. And your home is a fantastic location, Ann.

  2. Yes, it’s all about the loCATion!ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ

  3. One over zero is infinity? (That rocks!) But I hope that math equation is not about food.

    I have never heard of a corn moon. Last night my husband and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood. It was a lovely evening but largely overcast. We did not see a moon but it was quite bright.

    I laughed at Google’s location suggestion. Thanks for posting.

    • I had never heard of a corn moon either before this week, which is why I thought it was infinitely amazing that my young neighbors had heard of it, too. It seems like we’re all getting loonier as the days go on. Thank YOU for commenting, my friend.

  4. You demonstrate that waterside is a good location

    • You demonstrate that yours is a good location every time you blog, my friend.

      • This makes me wonder whether if you invented a term on your blog, and all your readers used it in conversation with other people all over the world (Albania, for example), you might Find people scratching their heads wondering why they have never heard of “Apple tide” or “stormset.”

  5. The Starry Night rock and the pumpkin near your suggested location gave me a thrill in mine. It has been cloudy here, so while I was watching as the moon got fatter and fatter, I have not seen its corn moon incarnation.

  6. A rendezvous with Harley.

  7. Several years ago I went to a talk by a former Mammoth Cave tour guide who described an elegant crystal room deep in the cave that only a small number of people are allowed to visit once a year. The crystals are so fragile a single person’s body heat can cause them to shift.
    As extraordinary as it would be to see that I’m okay with not visiting that place, leaving it as it is, but I’m surprised it didn’t make Mojo’s list.
    I am glad the Corn Moon could light up all our places, though.

  8. a suggested location if one is seeking peace, humor, and love, is right here in this blog. p.s i love stuffed monkeys and so cute that yours is watching over harley. glad you made some new moon friends, and i love the square dedicated in honor of bobby

  9. puella33

    I never heard of the corn moon till yesterday. I wonder how its name came to be- is it shining over the corn fields? I like to feel free like that seagull in your picture.. Have a nice evening, Ann

    • Here’s what I located online about the corn moon:

      The full moon of September was known as the Corn Moon and the Barley Moon by some Native American cultures because it arrives at harvest time for those essential crops.

      Thanks for another nice comment!

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