Day 2801: Tell about something beautiful

I want to tell about something beautiful that happened yesterday, when I went to a doctor’s appointment at one Boston hospital and then went to another Boston hospital for the first time since February to retrieve some beautiful items from my office and to see some beautiful co-workers.   The main beautiful item I wanted to retrieve from my office was a collection of beautiful questions a beautiful person had put together for my Coping and Healing groups. After I got back to my beautiful home, I realized that the beautiful bag I had placed my beautiful items in had a big, beautiful hole in it, and that beautiful  collection of questions was gone.

Then, I had a beautiful decision to make: should I take up more time during my beautiful vacation to look for those beautiful questions or just beautifully accept that my time with them was over?

I called the beautiful Lost and Found department of the big beautiful hospital, remembering that I had lost several beautiful items over the years (including my favorite beautiful red jacket) that had never been found.  I struggled to come up with a beautiful description of the lost item: “It’s a collection of small rectangles with questions on them, held together with a silver ring.”  The beautiful person on the phone said, “Wait a minute” and then returned with this answer, “Nothing like that has been turned in.” I asked, “Should I call again tomorrow?” and the beautiful person said, “Sure.”

Then, I spent more beautiful minutes trying to decide what to do next.  I really didn’t want to get back into my beautiful car and drive in lots of beautiful traffic to retrace my steps.  My beautiful husband could tell that I was very sad that I had lost those beautiful questions.  He said, “Maybe it will turn up.”  I told my beautiful son, who was ready to go on a beautiful walk with me, “I’m going back to try to find what I lost.”

When I got into my beautiful car, I realized that my beautiful Scream mask was also missing. I had put that beautiful mask in the beautiful bag with the big beautiful hole when beautiful people at the beautiful hospitals had told me I needed to wear the beautiful masks they were providing to their beautiful patients to keep them beautifully safe during this very unbeautiful pandemic.

When I parked my beautiful yellow car in the same beautiful place near a beautiful church in beautiful Brookline, Massachusetts, I saw my beautiful Scream mask on the ground, almost immediately.  Then, I had beautiful hopes that I would find my beautiful collection of beautiful questions.

I retraced my steps with beautiful accuracy, looking everywhere for the collection of beautiful questions.  I went back to the beautiful hospital where I work, returned to my beautiful office, took more beautiful photos, retrieved more beautiful items from my office, and met more beautiful co-workers. I talked to several beautiful people who I thought might be able to help me in my beautiful search,  trying to share more beautiful descriptions of what I had lost.  At one point, I said, “It’s a ring – no, not a jewelry ring, but a big silver ring holding together rectangles that have questions on them.”  Everybody tried their beautiful best to understand my stumbling attempts to describe what I had lost, but nobody had seen or could find my beautiful questions.  Knowing I had searched everywhere, I decided that some beautiful person had probably picked up the questions and might put them to beautiful use.

On my beautiful walk back to my beautiful car, I had beautiful thoughts about how we all deal with loss.  Then, much to my beautiful surprise, I saw what I was seeking, as plain as the beautiful day, lying on a beautiful spot on the beautiful sidewalk where lots of beautiful people were walking.  I knew that it had NOT been there when I had walked by that same beautiful spot before. I picked up the Lost and Found item with beautiful speed, placed it on a beautiful wall, and took this beautiful photo:


I am doing my beautiful best to follow the beautiful directions on that beautiful card: “Tell about something beautiful.”

My beautiful readers might notice that my description of the lost item was beautifully imperfect.

Ready to see my other beautiful photos from my beautiful day?  Brace your beautiful self— there’s about a hundred of them.

If you want to expand any of those beautiful pictures, like this one …


… or this one ….


… or this one …


… or this one ….


… or this one …


… or  this one …


… or this one …


… just give it a beautiful click.

What beautiful song should I share in this beautiful moment?

Here‘s “Something Beautiful” performed by Trombone Shorty with Lenny Kravtiz.

Tell about something beautiful, if you choose, in the comments section below.

Thanks to all who help me tell about something beautiful every day, including YOU.

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26 thoughts on “Day 2801: Tell about something beautiful

  1. This happy ending was meant to be, Ann. You and those beautiful questions are not done helping others!

  2. a beautiful story, I hope you elect a beautiful new leader, with a heart, the power of the heart is unknown, but as you are a healer, there is Spirit, that reaches the heart of God, just ask, amen. New voices, be blessed

  3. I’ll tell you the turning up of that beautiful moonshine and Harley at the end of the day.

  4. I am thrilled that you found your ring of beautiful questions, Ann. Thank you for sharing your saga. I love that everyone helped you. And glad that your vacation time has been lifted in this way.

  5. All those beautiful questions and beautiful answers, held together beautifully by that beautiful steel ring were just waiting for you to be beautifully reunited.

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, Ann!!!

  7. puella33

    I’m happy you finally found what you were looking for, Ann. Something similar happened to me with my set of beautiful and necessary set of keys. That beautiful clock brings beautiful memories.

  8. My mother once gave me some beautiful advice, reminiscent of your engraved clock: show up on time, know what day it is, and have something to write with. She is a retired nurse, and is the most beautiful Mom I ever had!

  9. That is a beautiful story and I know what a relief it can be to find something that was lost. Those pictures of the moon also remind me of some lines from Joseph Brodsky’s poem “A Song”, which I’ve memorized so I can never lose it:
    When the moon skims the water
    that sighs and shifts in its slumber.
    I wish it were still a quarter
    to dial your number.

  10. what a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. I often find that it is only when I totally surrender and accept that something I cared for has been lost in the universe, and know I’ll be okay without it, it appears once more, as if out of the ether. and then I have beautiful gratitude for it.

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  12. So beautiful when everything falls into place. Keep listening to your beautiful intuition Ann 💕

  13. A beautiful story from a beautiful soul! (๑´ლ`๑)フフ♡

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