Day 1242: Decisions

Dear Readers,

Thank you for making the decision to read my blog post today.

Yesterday, I met with a very decisive cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  She has decided that I should get my  heart valve replaced, sooner than later.

While this was not the decision I wanted to hear, I am now weighing decisions in my mind and in my heart. I have almost decided to have the surgery done at the Mayo Clinic in September, after getting my son settled in Edinburgh Scotland for his first year at university there.

Here are some decisions I’ve made regarding what decisive images to share with you today.

















I used to be indecisive, now I’m not sure. However, I’m sure that some decisions are easier than others.

Here’s my decision about today’s song.


I hope that if I do make the decision to let the Adult Congenital Heart specialists at the Mayo Clinic replace the valve in my decisive heart in September, that they don’t go breaking my heart.

What are your decisions about this post?

Decisive love to all,


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81 thoughts on “Day 1242: Decisions

  1. Tough decision about surgery. Perhaps they may decide to do it sooner than September.
    I’ve decided I want ice cream and chocolate though. 🙂

    • They are okay with waiting until September. It would be breaking my heart not to spend time in August with my son in Edinburgh. ❤

  2. You have such a good heart it should work well; here’s hoping all goes well

  3. Your heart seems to be in the hands of people who can make these hearty decisions to guide you in the right direction Ann. Follow your heart with their guidance my friend. ❤

  4. Thanks, Ann, for showing us these lovely pictures. For sure at the Mayo Clinic you are in very good hands. And they have a Center for the Spirit and also a Chocolate Oasis?
    Is this part of the treatment?

  5. OK, the hospital has some of the best physicians in the world,. . . and a chocolate Oasis? Why do you hesitate? If you got to have it done, it is as good a place as any.

    I made the decision to use a few of your pictures on my blog later today. Safe travels home.

  6. I’ve decided you are a class act. The chocolate convinced me. Well, other things convinced me long before that. But the chocolate topped it off. And I’ve decided right here and now that your heart deserves my positive thoughts and love.

  7. Mayo Clinic are the best, and they have a chocolate oasis. All will be well! And I am glad that you get to go to Edinburgh 🙂

  8. I’m glad you decided to go to the Mayo Clinic so you have the info you need to make a decision. I’m also decidedly annoyed with Borg Scale; we pulm patients use another of his scales. I have a hard time deciding which number reflects my shortness of breath most accurately. But the nurse decides to make me decide.

    • I thought perhaps the Borg scale was related to the Borg from Star Trek. I am decidedly annoyed with scales too.

  9. Kathy T

    Come for the valves, stay for the chocolate? Nice heart rhythm! I’ll bet Pat Methany could play a beautiful song with those waves. I know you do. (insert heart symbol)

  10. good luck being decisive on decisions; it’s hard….

  11. I suppose these are the highly skilled doctors but they do leave you with decisions and decisions.

  12. Between the healing power of art, laughter, and chocolate the Mayo Clinic looks like a good place to mend a broken heart, or to help out an unusual one.
    I hope that helps you make a decision.

  13. Ann, this sounds like a good decision, although a scary one to have to make. Incidentally, I saw Kiki Dee and Elton John in concert (in Chicago) where they sang this song. That brings back some memories.

  14. I just love the 70s music so does my grandson Prayers coming your way Ann..just follow your heart!!

  15. Good decision, Ann!

  16. I’ve also decided I want chocolate ice cream! I’ve also decided I’m very excited at the thought of seeing you in August 🙂
    The Mayo is one of the best ACHD centres in the world – you are in the very best of hands. xxx

  17. HARLEY!

  18. My decision about this post is that Your Heart Will Go On! And with your medical support, you are in good hands to make the best decision for you.

    PS, my sister had her valve replaced ten years ago and at 65 is going strong, running faster every day!

  19. Achy Breaky Heart could be revamped like the car in Greased Lighning! With the Mayo Clinic specialists and the chocolate in all its forms, you will feel better. It’s a hard decision to allow someone into your heart. Think on it, but know that we cheer you on, especially when you show us your selfie in a blue gown!

  20. Sending you warm and positive thoughts, Ann.

  21. I’ve decided that you are awesome. The decision was made some time ago.
    However, playing “Don’t go breaking my heart” confirmed the decision! I’ve decided its one of my favorites 😎

  22. I posted a response to this earlier today. A warm ine, as appropriate. It is gone!!

  23. Ann,
    I’m sorry that you are faced with such decisions. September holds the joy you feel for your son’s growing process as he attends college in Scotland, yet a personal concern for yourself.
    But know that you and your son have a thing in common. You both are in the hands of honored institutions. Edinburgh for your son and the Mayo Clinic for you.
    Beyond that when we are most perplexed, although we believe we are truly alone, we have a real sense that we are not. That sense of presence beyond ourselves, whether we choose to believe or not, is God. We may leave Him, but He never leaves us. There is comfort in that.

  24. Oh my goodness. Elton John and KiKi Dee! I hate that this has happened to you but I know from experience that the Mayo Clinic is the best place to be! They saved my son when he was born and they did the open heart surgery on my husband, at age 32, and he only had a 10 percent chance. He’s still going strong. We are sending all of our good wishes and healing energy to you!

    • Thanks, Thanks and More Thanks for sharing all these experiences. Oh my goodness, we both have been through a lot, haven’t we? ❤

      • We really have. And considering my Grandpa graduated from university in Edinburgh, it’s really interesting! As my southern Momma would say, It’s a sign from God! lol

      • And our family members have made some similar decisions!

  25. Wow, what an interesting place the Mayo Clinic is. That chocolate bar would help my spirit! I think you will be able to make the right decision about your heart and your heart, placed in good hands, will do its part.

  26. Carol Ferenc

    “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” is an all-time favorite of mine. I’ve decided you’re THE BEST, Ann, just because of that. Your lovely heart will be in good hands at Mayo.

  27. My best IRL friend just had her aortic valve replaced about three weeks ago. She came through with flying colors and we can already see a difference – she looks much better now! Whatever you decide Ann, many blessings for you!

  28. That is a good choice of song to match your situation. Best wishes with your decision.

  29. Wow! A difficult decision you have to take, Ann. I’m sure you’ll get the one that you need. Be strong, Ann! ❤

  30. Aren’t you the Lion-hearted, Ann? Sorry you need to go through this but so glad it is a condition that can be treated! Looks like you have lots of support. And, I can’t believe the clinic has a chocolate shop and an ice cream parlor! That is not the Mayo Clinic my parents rushed me off to at the age of three because our doctor told them I had a growth in my throat. Turns out it was my uvula!!! This is a true story.. Meant not to minimize your condition, but just to furnish a bit of comic relief. Have fun in Scotland and then… get to it, girl…

    • I LOVE that you decided to comment just the way you did. By the way, the ice cream parlor is outside of the Mayo Clinic, but the clinic does seem to have everything else I need.

  31. Only you can make this decision. Only you know how you feel in yourself. Are you able to find out the success rates for this procedure and the success rates for the particular surgeon? Here in England, I was able to evaluate the surgeon’s kill or cure figures before I had back surgery. He turned out to be average with most of the others, not all of whom, however, had had the same success.

    • Thank you for this decidedly helpful and empathic comment. The reason I am deciding to have the surgery done at the Mayo Clinic is that their numbers were much better with this surgical procedure for people with my very unusual heart.

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  33. Dr Craig

    Stop dragging my
    Stop dragging my
    Stop dragging my heart around

  34. By the way, Ann, Muffin Mayo, one of the granddaughters and heirs of the founder of the Mayo clinic, chose to doctor and die in Mexico. She willed her house and car here to a good friend of mine and had incredible stories of buzzing Jomo Kenyatta in an Airplane as he sat in her grandfather’s yard, recovering there after surgery. Yes, he stayed in their house, not the hospital, during recovery and yes, she was flying the plane! She was a naughty girl (by her own telling) and a pretty naughty old woman as well (by my telling.) I have a further tale of her here in Mexico that I’ll tell you only after your surgery–just as my get well gift. But you have to remind me.

    • I decidedly love everything in this comment, including the name “Muffin Mayo.” I look forward to more wonderful gifts from you. ❤

  35. That’s a decision only you can make. So make it from your heart.

  36. A LOT to think about, Ann. I must say that chocolate–LOTS of it–is a good way to clear the mind of other distractions, and you’re sure to be prepared for necessary decision-making! Elton John and KiKi–right up there with chocolate!

  37. Thats a big decision for anyone to make. My heart goes out to yours across the Atlantic and wishes yours well.

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